Red nails: what shade according to my skin tone? Tips and inspirations spotted on Instagram

Trend for decades, red nails won’t go out of style anytime soon. Sexy and sophisticated, red is a without fault, both in winter and in summer. The must is that there are multitudes! From bright red, through raspberry red, garnet red, or even burgundy red … The trick is to opt for the nuance most suited to your skin tone.

Manicure: which shade of red to choose according to your skin tone?

As with makeup, it is preferable to choose your varnish according to the carnation of his skin. For fair skin, it is better to opt for a red not too flash. We bet instead on a pretty coral red, terracotta or nasturtium. For intermediate skin, the poppy red is a very good option. Carte blanche for dark, mixed or black skin. To create a superb contrast with your more or less dark skin tone, you can opt for very bright colors that will sublimate your hands.

How to properly apply your red varnish?

The application of red varnish : It is an art ! But before applying the color, it is essential to apply a base. The base allows protect nail polish pigments, which tend to make it yellow. Now let’s move on to applying nail polish: we don’t hesitate to apply two layers rather than one, for optimal results. We wait until the first layer is dry before putting the second. Once the work is finished, we do not ignore the top coat, which will enhance the color of your nail polish and optimize its hold!

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