Red skirt: the secrets of composing the image

The red color in clothes is bright and provocative. However, he never goes out of style. Therefore, if you are not afraid to stand out and be the center of attention, you should definitely have a red skirt in your wardrobe. What features does this garment have, how to choose it and what to wear with a red skirt?


Red has many shades. And this greatly expands the choice. For work, it is worth picking up an outfit in muted tones. On a spring walk, bright scarlet will be appropriate. And in the cold season, dark shades are preferred.

catwalk looks with red skirt

Couture looks

red leather skirt catwalks

Images with leather skirts

images from catwalks photos

From fashion shows

An image with a red skirt will be more effective if supplemented with a matching manicure.

Model options

It can take a long time to list the options for the styles of red skirts. To understand what to wear with a red skirt of a particular model, you need to pay attention to the type of figure. After all, even the most beautiful and fashionable options are not suitable for everyone.

skirt style options

Red pencil skirt

pencil skirt red photo

Pencil models

This option is an invariable attribute of a business style. But besides severity, a pencil skirt looks attractive and seductive. Therefore, the model is rightfully considered a classic of the fashionable wardrobe of women. She allows you to feel feminine and at the same time hide everything unnecessary. The red pencil skirt looks completely different, giving its owner a bold and flirty touch in the image.

red pencil skirt

This style is considered universal, as it suits the owners of all body types. When choosing, you need to focus only on the shade and length of the product. In order not to draw too much attention to the legs, it is worth considering muted shades.

business looks with a pencil skirt

Pleated red skirt

The model is suitable for different occasions. On a date, it’s best to wear it with a white blouse or shirt.

red pleated skirt photo

When heading to a gala event, choose a black top. Burgundy skirt – perfect for walking in combination with white, blue, gray and any dark tones.

pleated red skirt


Red lace skirt

A lace model will complement a delicate romantic look.

red lace skirt photo

Lace model

Under a red lace skirt they select:

  • any T-shirts and T-shirts of a suitable shade;
  • tops made of lace or silk;
  • denim shirts;
  • knitted jumpers.

red lace skirt

Choice of celebrities

Leather red skirt

Today leather has skyrocketed in popularity and many designers use the material in their collections. Leather red leather skirt is able to visually adjust the figure. It looks self-sufficient and impressive. When choosing it, you need to build on the type of figure.

leather red skirt

An item made of matte leather looks restrained and can become part of a business or everyday wardrobe. The red leather skirt is combined with classic shirts and blouses, T-shirts and tops, a turtleneck or a jumper.

leather skirts photos

The sun model

The sun model is made from a single piece of circular fabric or separate wedges assembled into a product resembling a sun disk. A red skirt, as in the photo, is combined with T-shirts, T-shirts, shirts and turtlenecks.

red skirt sun photo

This style will not suit girls with a “triangle” or “apple” figure. Puffy women of fashion need to choose midi length models.


The fluffy red skirt looks luxurious and romantic. Layering allows you to create different looks. But it is not suitable for everyone. It looks ideal on slender girls with an inverted triangle shape. Side pockets can play a corrective role.

fluffy skirt tutu red photo

Denim red skirt

Red denim skirt is the choice of young and slim. The photo shows bright images in a duet with T-shirts in the style of “Grunge”, a turtleneck and a crop top.

denim red skirt

Denim models

Models in length

Length plays an important role when choosing a skirt, especially if it is a bright color. Such a thing is called capricious, capable of both spoiling and transforming an image. Just a few centimeters in one direction or another can make you slimmer or fuller, taller or, on the contrary, lower.

different length of skirts


Short skirts have always been the subject of the conquest of men. And those who dare to wear them are in the spotlight. Accordingly, when choosing a red short skirt, you need to pay attention to the fact that it favorably emphasizes the merits and hides figure flaws.

mini skirt red

In mini length

Red short skirts are suitable for girls with a perfect figure. For the rest, longer options are presented. There are many styles of such a thing: lush, tight, tulip models, with a smell, etc.

To the knees

In the photo there are red knee-length skirts. Straight and narrow models can only be chosen by girls with ideal parameters. Trapezoidal and flared options allow you to disguise those extra pounds. The lush option is suitable for everyone.

knee-length skirt


This option is versatile and looks restrained. And the thing below the knee makes the silhouette visually slimmer. The look is perfect when paired with the right shoes and a discreet upper. The flared model looks original and elegant. In combination with a heel, it will make your figure slimmer. Any top is selected under a red midi skirt: from tops to jackets.

red midi skirt photo

midi skirt models


The red long skirt is perfect for the warm season. Its advantage will be protection from ultraviolet radiation. Depending on the silhouette chosen, such a thing is suitable for any type of figure. The more voluminous and magnificent the model, the slimmer its owner should be.

maxi length skirt


Trapezoidal and flying silhouettes are suitable for girls with extra pounds. Low-rise ladies must wear a long red skirt with high-heeled, wedge or platform shoes.

long red skirt

We use a print

Various prints are in high demand today. Skirts of red shades are no exception.

skirt in print

Floral print

Floral skirts made of light flying fabrics will diversify your summer wardrobe. With T-shirts, crop tops, jumpers, they will make up actual outfits.

red floral skirt

In floral print


A red plaid skirt can draw attention to itself. This print is almost always in fashion. In some countries, such models are an element of the schoolgirl uniform, so a red plaid skirt is combined with blouses and shirts of light shades, vests and jackets. Vichy checks are a must-have for a summer wardrobe.

red plaid skirt

Into the cage


Striped clothes look impressive, but you need to carefully choose what to wear with a red striped skirt. The wrong combination will make the look tasteless and ridiculous. It is better if the top is a solid color of a suitable shade or with a small, not bright print.

striped red skirt photo

Striped ideas


The popularity of the polka dot dress has shifted to skirts. Options for different looks with red polka dot skirts in the photo.

red polka dot skirt

Polka Dot Models

Collecting images

Despite its vibrancy, red clothing can be a part of any wardrobe.

kits with red skirt photo

Street style images


To create an informal look, the bottom of the red shades is combined with denim shirts or jackets. For a walk, the thing is put on together with a T-shirt, vest or beige jumper.

casual looks with a skirt

Casual outfits


Princess letizia red skirts

Princess Letizia

In the office, a pleated model looks good with a light-colored blouse. The cage is worn with a black top or turtleneck. A straight line and a pencil skirt are combined with light blouses, tops and shirts.

business looks with a red skirt


For an evening event, a pleated midi skirt is worn with a light lurex blouse and sandals. Lush red model with a mint top looks unusual. Suitable for an evening event total look or decorated skirts.

cheeks celebrities

Celebrity Kits

street style outfits

For summer vacations

In the warm season, a lace bottom with a silk or satin blouse in a floral print would be a good option. The long chiffon model is combined with light T-shirts and T-shirts.

summer skirts in red

Summer models

Shoe options

short skirt urban looks

An important role in creating an image is played by a competent choice of shoes. Depending on the model, these can be stiletto heels, low-cut sandals, mules, brogues and sneakers.

images with a red skirt

Heavyweight fabrics work well with sturdy shoes. Shoes with small heels, ballet flats, sneakers or slip-ons are worn with a tartan.



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