Redness and dehydration of the body: what happens to our body during tanning

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The sun not only helps us to acquire a luxurious sandy tan – it charges us with positive emotions and gives us a good mood. Therefore, it is not surprising that so many people enjoy sunbathing. However, experts warn that if you spend too much time in the open sun, you can cause irreparable harm to your health. An expert from Australia, Sam Sayling, told what actually happens to our body during tanning.


While some exposure to sunlight is good for boosting vitamin D levels, too much sun can be harmful in both the long and short term, Sayling said. The expert added that tanning skin can lead to many problems, including dehydration, fatigue, headaches, and visible redness and flaking.

For example, prolonged exposure to the sun leads to dehydration and increased fatigue. “Tanned skin loses a lot of moisture, so if a large area is affected, you may experience significant dehydration.” Sailing said. This is very important because dehydration can also lead to other unpleasant side effects such as headaches, fatigue, and dizziness. Moreover, all these symptoms do not appear immediately, but only after 12-24 hours. To maintain moisture levels, it is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

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Peeling due to self-exfoliation of damaged cells is another controversial result, which leads to prolonged exposure to the sun. “Peeling after sunburn indicates that the skin is trying to get rid of damaged cells. The skin exfoliates itself, opening the way for the appearance of new healthy cells ”, – the expert considers. At the same time, the positive effect can be offset by side factors. “Occasionally, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation may develop in damaged skin after sunburn: the affected skin becomes slightly darker due to the healing process.” To speed up recovery, Sailing recommends using moisturizers after showers or baths, such as those with aloe vera.

Redness and itching are another side effect of sunburn. Due to the lack of moisture, the skin becomes very dry and inflamed: you may feel irritation, as a regeneration process is triggered, which helps to restore the original healthy state of the skin.

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Seizing the opportunity, Seiling once again reminded about how important it is to apply sunscreen to the skin to protect it from UV exposure. It is also important for preventing the development of skin cancer as well as premature aging.

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