Rejuvenation with clothes: stylist tips

Women are very changeable in tastes, moods and desires. But one thing remains unchanged – the desire to stay young as long as possible. To achieve this goal, a variety of methods are used: diet, fitness, going to the hairdresser, lifting makeup, visits to the beautician, and even surgery.

All your efforts to take care of yourself can ruin an unsuccessful dress that makes you look fat, makes you older, and spoils your complexion. The point is that the “right” things will help you look younger and slimmer.

1. Color matters!

“The best color is the one that looks best on you.” Coco Chanel
Light and pastel shades will help to make the skin of the face fresh and toned. The lighter the color, the more white it contains. The white color reflects on the skin and “hides” wrinkles. Vibrant colors from your palette will also help create a rejuvenating effect.

Rejuvenation with clothes

Black, shining on the skin of the face, fills in and emphasizes all wrinkles and unevenness of the skin.

Rejuvenation with clothes: stylist tips

2. Neck and décolleté area

When choosing outerwear (T-shirts, tops, shirts, jumpers, etc.), pay attention to the collar and neckline. Give preference to a V-neck or “under the neck”.

What styles make you younger

Avoid collar collars, collars that are too deep, rounded and shapeless.

3. Choosing the top!

A straight-cut shirt made of flowing fabric, will create an interesting and noble silhouette, add femininity to your look. Jackets that keep their shape well, high-quality knitwear will help you look modern.

Stylish looks

Tops made of thin jersey up to mid-thigh length should be avoided. If you have wide hips, then mid-thigh clothing will create a horizontal line and make them even wider.

4. Pants

Choose trousers with a high waist and a semi-fitted cut. Then the legs will appear longer and the body slimmer.

5. Skirt

-A-line, pleated, pencil skirt.
-Midi, maxi and knee length.
-from eco-leather, in a cage, color-block.

Avoid: Overly tight and short models.

6. Prints

In order not to go into “woman’s style”, take seriously the choice of print! Peas and floral print are dosed, but we use stripes and checks more boldly.

It is important to maintain proportions. For petite women, a small print is acceptable, and for owners of curvaceous forms it is better to give preference to a large pattern.

7. Fabrics

Choose dense, high-quality fabrics that hold their shape well (tweed, denim, leather, knitwear, silk).

The addition of synthetic fibers is acceptable, but in a small amount. This helps to make the fabric more durable to wear (for example: the fabric is less wrinkled, the knees do not stretch).

Be sure to try our tips, and in the mirror you will see a rejuvenated, built, modern beauty.

And in the following articles, you will learn about modern shoes, accessories, jewelry, hairstyles and makeup.

I hope the tips in this article will help you make the right choice when creating your own stylish wardrobe! See you!

Author: stylist Olga Baskakova

Rejuvenation with clothes

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