Relieve a cramp: our natural solutions

In the middle of the street or in the middle of the night, the pain occurs without warning. The cramp is often caused by intense muscular effort, but not only. It can occur under the effect of certain drugs, of, or in case of deficiency, of venous problems amplified in hot weather… Soft solutions on a case by case basis.

The homeo answer

“Because homeopathy is the queen of tailor-made medicine, it helps relieve different forms of cramps”, assures Dr. Albert-Claude Quemoun, co-author with Sophie Pensa of “Homeopathy, the visual guide”, ed. Leduc.S ..

– For cramps caused by a venous return problem, which wake up at night and contributes to nocturnal anxiety: Viper redi or Secale cornutum in 9 CH, 2 granules, 3 times a day. Space as symptoms decrease.

– For cramps by tetanization (in contact with very cold water or because of stress), take Ignatia amaraor Nux vomica in 5 CH, 2 granules at the time of the contracture.

– And for cramps of any kind, in particular of muscular origin, we take Copper metallicum, in 5 CH, 2 granules, 3 times a day, and at the time of the contracture.

The oligo answer

Many of us lack magnesium, the deficiency of which promotes the appearance of cramps during physical exertion. A good cure for 3 weeks (300 mg per day on average), to be renewed several times a year, allows to rebalance the reserves. To be combined with vitamin B6 to optimize assimilation. The doctor may also suggest potassium supplementation if necessary. Foods to target because they are rich in magnesium: dried fruits and oleaginous fruits, in particular Brazil nuts, sardines in oil and chocolate concentrated in cocoa.

The aroma response

“Some plants are rich in esters and have a relaxing effect that plays both on morale and on the physical”, explains Alexia Blondel, biologist and specialist in essential oils. To be preferred to relieve cramps!

– For muscle cramps or stress, Alexia Blondel suggests combining 3 drops of essential oil of lavandin abrial to be diluted in a dose of arnica macerate. Massage the painful area.

– For cramps of venous origin: replace the arnica macerate with calophyll oil, which promotes lymphatic drainage and better blood circulation, always for local application by massage.

The phyto boost

Ideal for a basic treatment of nocturnal cramps in particular: a glycerine macerate of passionflower, a plant known to relax the nervous system. Take 1 tsp. coffee morning and evening for 20 days, especially during periods of intense sporting activity and heat (hiking in summer, for example). And in case of venous disorders aggravating the cramps, combine the glycerinated macerates of passionflower and horse chestnut (50/50 in the teaspoon).

* The phyto recipe: a good passionflower herbal tea to drink during the day (several cups), that also helps. Infuse a handful of dried passionflower flowers in a liter of boiling water.

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