Removing eyelash extensions yourself – tools and advice

It is quite simple to add the required volume and length to the eyelashes, and expressiveness to the eyes – in a beauty salon you can make extensions for every taste and color. But the standard procedure does not always end with a good result: the eyes can ache, get tired, and irritation appears. If the next appointment with the master is not soon, then you can remove the eyelash extension yourself at home. It will be a little more difficult to do it yourself than for a professional, but it is possible.

How to remove eyelashes at home

All tools used are conventionally divided into 2 large groups:

  1. Homemade – ingredients that are always at hand, and work with which does not require special skills. These include natural oils, cream, which you can use yourself without harm.
  2. Special – professional drugs that are used by the master. They are distinguished by a special composition developed for the removal procedure, which allows the adhesive base to dissolve gently.

The mechanical method, namely the usual “pulling out” with tweezers, is not recommended – together with the glued cilia, some of the natural ones will fall out, which will make the eyelid “bald” and irritated.

Special means

Unnatural villi can be removed safely and quickly, like a master in a salon, using professional formulations.


Remover is a specialized product designed specifically for dissolving the glue or resin used for building. The thick consistency prevents the chemical composition from getting on the mucous membrane, therefore, the remover almost does not cause a burning sensation and does not irritate. But here, too, you should be careful: the remover evaporates easily, so it can cause a burning sensation. There are 2 types of it:

  • gel – has a good consistency, very economical;
  • the cream is very thick, due to which it is convenient, does not spread, and is also safer.

The creamy composition has no smell, no fumes, and also does not flow. At the same time, it is also efficient in work, but its price is high.


Debonder is a specially formulated glue remover. This is one of the most effective drugs that allows you to do everything quickly and painlessly. In addition, its price is low.

The question arises: can you use it yourself at home? Yes, but safety precautions must be followed. The composition is quite toxic, has pronounced corrosive fumes. Often, when it gets on the mucous membrane of the eyes, there is a strong burning sensation and irritation. To neutralize the composition, rinse the eyes thoroughly with clean water.

To use the debonder, you will additionally need the following tools and materials:

  • cotton pads, sticks;
  • narrow tape or plaster;
  • scissors.

A pad is made of a cotton pad on the lower eyelid. To do this, it is cut in half, forming a semicircle on the inside. The indentation should resemble the shape of the eyelid. The finished substrate is placed on the lower eyelid, pressing it as tightly as possible. We fix the disc in place using a plaster or tape. They work with the debonder carefully, trying not to get in the eyes with the composition. They should carefully treat the entire eyelash growth area where the glue is visible. For the action of the chemical solution, 3-4 minutes are enough. Now all that remains is to comb out the artificial hairs with a clean brush or cotton swab.

During the entire procedure, the eye must be closed, so it is better to seek help from a friend.

Upon completion of all work, you need to thoroughly rinse the composition with water and treat your eyelashes with your favorite oil.


Albucid is an antibacterial drug that fights inflammation and certain eye diseases. It was not originally designed to work with glue, but its composition does that too. For a good result, it is enough to apply it in several layers at intervals of a couple of minutes, usually using cotton swabs. It is necessary to avoid getting albucide in the eyes, otherwise an unpleasant burning sensation is provided.

Home remedies

If someone is afraid to use professional chemical solvents on their own, there is also a way out – these are natural home remedies.


To remove eyelash extensions, many people prefer to use home or folk remedies: safe, inexpensive, reliable. What kind of oil is better to do this, everyone decides for himself.


Castor oil is one of the most popular in home cosmetology. Burdock is often used as an analogue. Among the shortcomings, one obvious one can be distinguished: the waiting time until the glue dissolves increases to 30 minutes. The stages of working with oil are similar to all the others:

  • as a preliminary step, the face is steamed for 10 minutes – the recommended water temperature is up to 60 ° C;
  • a semicircle is cut out of a cotton pad and placed tightly under the lower eyelid;
  • this position is fixed with tape;
  • the oil should also be heated to about 38 ° C;
  • they abundantly moisten the eyelash growth zone;
  • leave the oil on the eyelashes for no more than 30 minutes;
  • a clean brush from old mascara works well for removing cilia.

Gentle massage of the eyelashes at the roots helps the oil penetrate deeper, which means that the glue dissolves faster. It happens that the cilia are difficult to remove, then you can gently help with tweezers.

If necessary, you can repeat the entire procedure – this will not cause any harm to the eyes. At the end, the remaining oil is removed with a towel or paper napkin, completing everything with washing in the usual way.

Despite the long duration of the procedure, there is also a plus: the use of castor oil not only removes glue well, but also nourishes natural eyelashes.

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The procedure itself with sunflower oil is carried out in the same way as with castor oil. In some cases, it will be necessary to repeat all the steps up to 3 times, but this will not bring harm. It takes 5 minutes for the oil to work. You can even remove makeup daily with vegetable oil.


The cream is an excellent, and most importantly, a safe way to dissolve the resin, but there is one requirement for it – the cream must have a greasy consistency. In this case, the usual baby cream, available to everyone, remains ideal. We use the same cotton pads and sticks, tightly closing the eye. We repeat the application of the cream as many times as necessary to obtain the perfect result.

With steam

It was previously mentioned that steam helps prepare the skin for the removal of eyelash extensions. When properly prepared, steam baths can also be the primary method for dissolving glue. A clear advantage of this method is the absence of additional ingredients, especially chemical ones. Stages of work:

  • remove eye makeup and thoroughly cleanse your face in the usual way;
  • prepare a steam bath by heating water to 80 ° C;
  • you need to prepare in advance a large terry towel, which completely covers your head;
  • it is not necessary to bend over hot water too much in order to avoid burns;
  • steam exposure time – 15 minutes;
  • after the specified time, it is necessary to soak the cotton pad with any oil;
  • wipe the eyes with this disc, removing artificial hairs;
  • pressing or rubbing the eye area strongly – do not, act carefully and gently.

At the end of the manipulation, the remaining oil is removed and any moisturizer is applied to the eyelashes.

It is possible to remove extended eyelashes with steam without oil, but the process will be faster and more comfortable with it.

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What not to do

The eye area is quite capricious, so safety is paramount. In no case should you:

  • use improvised means and materials, for example, soap, not suitable for removal;
  • pull out artificial cilia in large bundles;
  • carry out the procedure during menstruation or illness, as well as with irritated area around the eyes.

Removal is recommended at least 3 weeks after the extension procedure. At first, the glue fixes them very well, so it is unlikely that it will be possible to remove the cilia without problems.

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Preparation before removing eyelashes

To fix artificial hairs, craftsmen use glue or resin. The principle of “removal” is the correct selection of agents that can safely dissolve the composition of this adhesive. It is worth deciding in advance on the method and “solvent” that will be used, so you need to prepare:

  • tweezers;
  • cotton swabs and discs;
  • brush;
  • vegetable oils, remover, debonder, fat cream, Albucid.

The last paragraph indicates the means that will directly dissolve the glue, so we choose only one of them.

Newbie mistakes

Self-removal of artificial eyelashes is no less important procedure than the extension procedure itself. In an effort to reduce the time of procedures to the maximum, as well as to save money, women make a number of mistakes that lead to a deterioration in the condition of their own eyelashes, as well as to their loss:

  • frequent use of chemicals to remove glue – reduce the frequency of their use as much as possible;
  • rubbing and aggressive mechanical action on the eyes and eyelashes;
  • using tweezers without prior preparation – careful removal of only individual cilia is allowed;
  • tearing off cilia with fingers.

Care and restoration of eyelashes after removing the extensions

Almost all cosmetic manipulations with one’s own body and hair require appropriate care after the procedure. Eyelash extensions are no exception. Often, after an expressive look, the state of your own cilia leaves much to be desired. During the period while the eyes are resting from building up, you need to come to grips with their restoration. To do this, you can choose one of the following items, or combine them all in the whole complex:

  1. It is recommended to make weekly masks from natural oils (castor, sea buckthorn, grape seed oil). It is recommended to add a drop of vitamins, for example, A or E, to the oil. Apply it to the entire surface of the eyelashes, starting from the growth zone. Action time – no more than ¼ hour. The mask will work most effectively 1-2 hours before bedtime.
  2. Not only for the eyelashes, but for the entire eye area, herbal compresses will be beneficial. Sage, calendula or chamomile are ideal – pour 1 teaspoon of the herb with a glass of boiling water. The broth is prepared in a water bath for ¼ hours, cooled to body temperature. The finished infusion is filtered and cotton pads are moistened in it. The compress is left on the eyelids for ¼ hour, after which everything is washed off with water. Compresses can be made quite often – every 2-3 days.

Keep in mind that chamomile can lighten natural hairs. And if such an effect is undesirable, then it is better to give preference to another herb.

The main question is: how long can you repeat the eyelash extension procedure? The answer is obvious – at least in 1 month.

Tips for removing eyelash extensions

As you can see, it is possible to remove extended eyelashes at home, but not convenient. Moreover, the higher quality materials were used by the master, the harder it will be to remove them. In this case, it is better to seek the help of professionals.


  • sharp objects (pins, needles, etc.) must not be used;
  • usual tonics, lotions and soaps cannot dissolve the glue;
  • hot water also does not have this effect, in addition, you can burn the mucous membrane;
  • if the eyes are inflamed, the procedure should be postponed.

By the way, you can ask the master about the composition of the glue, as well as what substance they can be removed.

Video about self-removal of eyelashes

When choosing a suitable method for removing eyelash extensions, you should pay attention to the sensitivity of the eyes, the tendency to allergies, the quality of the material used and the professionalism of the master, the estimated duration of the procedure. Professional products dissolve glue faster, but may cause allergies or irritation. Using natural or home remedies will take longer, but are cheaper and safer.

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