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Controversy has been unfolding around this issue for several years. Someone believes that the “miraculous” liquid has a beneficial effect on plant growth, helps in the treatment of various diseases, and is also considered an excellent prophylactic against a number of diseases. But there is also another point of view. Many are convinced that the promotion of the “magic elixir” is the work of scammers. Read all about living and dead water, research, scientific facts and applications right now.

You can prepare an unusual liquid in a simple way at home, as well as using a special apparatus. The scope of use is striking in its scale: it can be used to rinse the nose with rhinitis, drink during an attack of gastritis, and also wash with ACNE.

Living and dead water – what is it

Catholyte – as it is also called living water, is an alkaline solution that has strong biostimulant properties. It is believed that with the help of this liquid you can restore the immune system, improve metabolism and normalize blood pressure.

In addition, some argue that catholyte not only improves human health, but also enhances the effect of drugs and vitamins.

Anolyte is dead water; it is a solution obtained as a result of electrolysis. It has a large positive charge and a strong acid-base balance. The tool relieves inflammation, fights against fungi, has disinfecting and anti-allergenic properties.

What you need to know about taking

To get the desired result, you need to follow simple instructions. So, let’s look at how to properly drink living and dead water:

  1. Alternate fluid intake. It is very important to maintain a break of at least 120 minutes.
  2. Remember that you may be thirsty. No need to torture yourself, just have some tea.
  3. It should be borne in mind that living water is an extremely unstable environment. It is common for her to quickly lose its beneficial properties. Therefore, place the container in a dark and cold place. Do not use liquid for more than two days if stored uncovered. Water in a closed container can last for about two weeks.

It is believed that dead liquid disinfects, and living liquid gives energy… Therefore, the first component is used first, and then the second. For example, if you have minor health problems, say, get sick with the flu, then you need to take living, dead water both inside and outside – we drink and rinse the nasopharynx. For headaches, drink a glass of water and apply a compress on the painful area.

How does living and dead water affect our body?

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Indications for use

The most widespread use of such water is medicine. It is effective in combating ailments such as:

  • stomach ulcer;
  • heart problems;
  • respiratory diseases;
  • infectious diseases;
  • sore joints and bones.

Also considering the question of how to use living and dead water, it should be noted that water has become widespread in cosmetology. With the help of dead water they fight against age-related problems, increase skin elasticity, get rid of acne and strengthen hair and nails.

Another vector of application is the fight against extra pounds. Live or dead water is used for cooking.

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Arguments of opponents of the theory about the benefits of living water

In addition to supporters of the benefits of living water for the body, there are people who do not share such optimism. Skeptics take ionized liquid as a mere marketing gimmick, believing that there are not enough free ions in plain water.

Other scientists, in principle, do not see anything good in drinking water with an increased level of alkali – it’s like drinking a concentrated solution of soda or caustic potassium. These components quench the hydrochloric acid in the stomach and cause malfunctioning of the digestive system.

How does living and dead water affect our body?

For reference, the pH of living water is from 8.5 to 10, 5 indicators and dead – from 2.5 to 6 indicators.

Another point of view is that the liquids in question do not have any effect on human health and beauty. Once in the stomach, the alkaline solution is mixed with hydrochloric acid. Thus, living water becomes useless in terms of acid-base balance. Proponents of this opinion say that if acidifying or alkalizing liquids had any value, people would die after drinking a glass of citrus juice.

In conclusion, I want to say that before you make a choice in favor or against the use of living and dead water, pay attention to the research and scientific facts. Do not self-medicate, even if it seems that the problem is not global. First of all, be sure to consult with your doctor and only after the specialist approves your plans, start acting.

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