Respiratory gymnastics after coronavirus: exercise

Those who have had a chance to come face to face with COVID-19 know how important the rehabilitation process is. Especially breathing exercises after coronavirus… Moreover, it does not matter at all where the person was during the illness. Even after a long stay in the native walls of the house, the body needs to be restored.

Today edition “So easy!” will share with you a selection of breathing exercisesthat will help restore the lungs after a serious illness. Rehabilitation doctor Dina Seifullina from Almaty will help us with this.

Respiratory gymnastics after coronavirus

In order not to feel shortness of breath after an illness and restore respiratory function, it is important to do regular breathing exercises… In today’s selection, 10 simple exercises await you. Repeat each of them to the best of your ability. Each time it will be easier and easier for you.

Diaphragmatic breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing develops the lower part of the lungs. To train him, you need to work your stomach. So, while sitting, put one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach just above your navel. Take a deep breath, you will feel the diaphragm sink and the belly comes out. Then, exhale and draw in your stomach so that the diaphragm rises.

At the same time, remember that inhalation is always done through the nose. And exhale through slightly compressed lips and teeth. Ideally, this exercise should be done several times a day with 10 repetitions.

Lower chest breathing

Next exercise may differ depending on the size of the person… Dina Seifullina shares two options at once. In the first, place your hands on your lower ribs. On inhalation they should swell, and on exhale they should contract. But at the same time, you need to slightly help them with your hands.

second exercise

In the second case, you do the same, but wrap your arms around yourself, as if hugging. Such an exercise can be repeated 5 to 10 times.

Middle chest breathing

There are also two options here. Place your hands on your middle ribs and take a deep breath. The ribs should again swell, and as you exhale, they should be compressed with the help of your hands. Alternatively, hug yourself with both arms, as in the previous exercise. But at the same time, the hands should be on the middle ribs.

third exercise

Combining two types of breathing

Place your hands on your shoulders. As you inhale, raise your bent arms to the sides, stretching your pectoral muscles. And at the exit, lower your arms, slightly pressing your ribs with your shoulders. Repeat the exercise 5 to 15 times if possible. When it becomes easier for you to do it, you can increase the pace.

fourth exercise

Chest work

The next exercise engages one half of the chest. This is necessary in order to better stretch the respiratory muscles. As you inhale, extend your left arm up along the body above your head, stretching the entire half of your chest. As you exhale, pull your left hand back to your chest, squeezing it. In essence, it looks like a kind of spring.

fifth exercise

Repeat the exercise on the left and right sides 5 to 10 times. But watch your condition. If it’s hard for you, don’t burden yourself with frequent repetitions. For a start, 3-5 times will be enough.

Respiratory Muscle Synchronization

So, place both hands horizontally in front of your chest. Then, while inhaling, spread them apart, connecting the shoulder blades and stretching the pectoral muscles. Further, as you exhale, bring your hands in front of you crosswise until they stop. In addition, at the exit, the pectoral muscles are tightened and the abdominal muscles are drawn in.

sixth exercise


As you inhale, raise your left arm, bent at the elbow up and to the side, stretching the pectoral and intercostal muscles. At the exit, lower your hand to the opposite knee, trying to touch it. Remember to draw in your abdominal muscles as you exhale. Repeat the exercises on the left and right sides 10-15 times.

seventh exercise

Exercise for the lungs

The next exercise aims to fill your lungs completely with air. As you inhale, raise and spread your arms wide to the sides. And at the exit, join your hands in front of you, slightly rounding your back and squeezing the chest.

eighth exercise

Exercise for the diaphragm

This exercise uses the muscles of the chest and diaphragm. So, inflate your stomach while inhaling, raising your arms up and connecting your shoulder blades. At the same time, turn your palms outward. As you exhale, stretch your shoulder blades, draw in your stomach and turn your arms back.

ninth exercise

Intensive Recovery Exercise

This exercise is suitable for those who have already managed to recuperate after an illness. As you inhale, make a large circle with your hands. Next, pull your hands down as you exhale, pressing them to the ribs. In this case, the exhalation should be stronger, forced.

tenth exercise

The same exercise can be done in the opposite direction. The inhalation starts from the bottom, you just need to make a circle with your hands. But as you exhale, you join your hands in front of you. To complete this set, simply reach up as you inhale and lower your arms as you exhale. In doing so, you can also pull the ribs to the right and left sides.

We are sharing a video in which you can better familiarize yourself with the exercise technique.

Dina Seifullina recommends repeat this complex for 2 months… This is true for people who have survived pneumonia and damage to more than 50% of the lungs. The exercises should be done while sitting. Firstly, this way you will definitely not stretch your back muscles. Secondly, your lower back will not get tired. In addition, it is much easier to do bends and twists while sitting.

Respiratory gymnastics after coronavirus is extremely important for the complete recovery of the body. Share this article with your family and friends, it may be useful to them. And, of course, take care of yourself!

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