Resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic: why the next 2 to 3 weeks will be decisive

In recent weeks, “weak signals” resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic are observed, as the Minister of Health Olivier Véran recently indicated about Ile-de-France. A trend that is confirmed across the whole of France. Proof of this is: 1,130 new cases of Covid-19 were identified on Friday July 24, against 836 on Friday July 17 and 748 on Friday July 10.

A slow but real increase, which worries the authorities and health professionals. Jérôme Marty general practitioner and president of the union of the French Union for a free medicine, gives the alert on Franceinfo. “There is an indisputable progression of the disease”, he says.

Covid-19: avoid a resurgence of hospitalizations in August

According to this specialist, everything will be decided “in the next two to three weeks”. For now, only the number of new cases of Covid-19 is increasing “and it increases faster than the progression of the tests. Which proves that it is not due to the fact that one tests more”, explains Jérôme Marty. And if the number of hospitalized or intensive care patients remains stable, that could change without immediate public awareness. “The more people we are going to have contaminated, the more we are going to have a risk that at one time or another, hospitalizations resume “, he specifies.

A phenomenon that must be avoided at all costs. And for good reason : “Imagine having serious cases and a resurgence of hospitalizations during the month of August. It would certainly be the most difficult time to manage this. epidemic”, notes Jérôme Marty.

Covid-19: the need to respect barrier gestures

To avoid such a situation, the specialist explains that a “fight both individual and collective” is essential. And this involves screening, but also respecting barrier gestures and in particular wearing a mask. “If everyone puts it on, we protect everyone. I think we’re in a fight, we have to understand it”, explains the doctor.

Jérôme Marty also calls on the population to respect physical distancing and the authorities to “control all the country’s borders” in progress “quickly the saliva tests”.



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