Return of the hit of the 2000s: the belt-chain is the main accessory of this fall

We focus on the hips and waist with a fashionable belt-chain instead of the usual belts.

This season, chains will replace belts: the designers made a major comeback in the past and revived the iconic, but undeservedly forgotten accessory. In the 80s, and after and in the 2000s, the belt-chain was worn on bicycles, jackets and jeans – and now it’s time to repeat everything all over again.

In the summer, we could observe chains in the form of profiles, massive jewelry on the neck or on bags instead of a handle, but in the fall of 2020, designers decided to use them to decorate not only accessories, but also clothes.

This fall it is simply impossible not to fall in love with chain belts: this item will gracefully dilute the everyday look and perfectly fit into a solemn outfit. The chain belt is relevant in any season: Karl Lagerfeld also demonstrated this piece of jewelry not only in summer, but also in winter collections.

However, if in the 1990s fashion designers sang odes to multilayer chains, then this fall season, more concise options are in trend. The main plus of the chain belt is its independence: if you have picked up this accessory to the image, then do not overload the outfit with unnecessary details and decorations, because the chain belt is self-sufficient as an accessory.

Belt chain with skirt

Chanel this season showed several ways to wear a chain belt: the simplest and most relevant is still the trend for a white top, a black bottom, so an unusual accessory will help to dilute the school image. A long skirt with slits on the sides and a blouse with a ruffle and frill collar are perfect for visiting an exhibition or theater, but over the years, everyone has become bored of the contrasting combination of black and white. Accessories will help revive the image: a belt-chain with an unusual clasp and massive wide bracelets. They will point out the right accents and give the image the right degree of elegance.

Photo: Chanel Fall-Winter 2020-2021

Belt chain with coat

The belt-chain looks no less impressive on outerwear: a coat with a turn-down collar is another trend of autumn 2020, so it seems very tempting to combine several fashion trends in one image. A multi-colored belt-chain will dilute the contrasting black and white image and add the desired accent.

Photo: Chanel Fall-Winter 2020-2021

For those who think it’s time to put off the popular crop tops this summer until better times, Chanel came up with a fashionable alternative and suggested wearing crop tops and thick shorts along with tights and a warm long coat. And as an accessory, choose a striking chain belt with an unusual buckle and additional details. Designers recommend combining such a bold look with rough cowboy boots.

Photo: Chanel Fall-Winter 2020-2021

Belt chain with bermuda

Saint Laurent has shown this season that the chain belt is ideally combined with more practical clothing. Leather elongated Bermuda shorts are in themselves a basic item in an autumn wardrobe, but in combination with an elegant polka dot blouse, over-the-knee boots and long bright gloves create the effect of a solemn look. And if you add a thin chain to it instead of a belt, then you can safely go to any party.

Photo: Saint Laurent Fall-Winter 2020–2021

Belt chain with jersey

Oversized jackets are still at their peak of popularity, but fitted blazers have already begun to step on their heels. For several seasons in a row, stylists suggested focusing on the waist using a wide belt with a massive buckle, but in the fall of 2020, a thin chain will replace absolutely any belt. Celine designers recommend paying attention to accessories with a round multi-colored buckle – just such a belt will make the image more interesting and unusual.

Photo: Celine Fall-Winter 2020-2021

Belt chain with dress

Off-White has come up with the perfect dress for parties and special occasions this season, with a dramatic cut at the waist that matches the chunky chain at the hips. Such a belt will not only attract attention, but will also become a bright accent in this evening look. Wear such a dress along with low-heeled sandals and a miniature bag and you will definitely become the queen of any party.

Photo: Off-White Fall-Winter 2020–2021

Celine showed a more strict, casual dress in combination with a belt-chain – a thin chain instead of a belt is in perfect harmony with the massive decoration and emphasizes the waist line.

Photo: Celine Fall-Winter 2020-2021

Fashion practice

We suggest choosing the coolest chain belts this fall: wear them instead of a belt on dresses, trousers or jeans and do not forget that you already have the main accent in the image.

1 – Fendi, 2 – Gucci, 3 – Marni, 4 – Paco Rabanne, 5 – Zara

6 – Rejina Pyo, 7 – Elisabetta Franchi, 8 – Bottega Veneta, 9 – H&M, 10 – Alessandra Rich

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