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Vests are the images of fashion bloggers. And an overview of the most fashionable combinations with a vest, photos from the latest collections of the 2020 season.

An elongated, mid-length and short vest is one of the micro trends of 2020. A vest can transform your outfit into a trendy and modern outfit. Knitted and knitted models with round and V-neck, of different lengths were presented in the collections of famous designers. More voluminous vests made of suiting fabric. Therefore, there is no doubt that the vest is both elongated and very short in trend. So feel free to add this trendy and stylish wardrobe item to your fashionable arsenal of clothing – mast-have.

Today we offer an overview of what to wear with a vest in 2020, photos of current images with it.

Review of fashionable vests and what to wear

Features of choosing a vest

The vest has gained particular popularity in the classic, business, sports, bourgeois and preppy style. Indispensable in multi-layered looks. It is practical, looks great on women and girls, which makes the vest even more in demand. Due to the fact that the elongated vest is able to stretch the silhouette, it is highly recommended for individuals with increased body weight. At the same time, remember that the larger the print, the more likely it will be fat. Therefore, choose a small pattern or even give preference to a single-color long vest model.

As we said, the feature of a fashionable vest implies the presence of an attractive pattern. Fashionable novelties can be made with a large knit, have several pockets, an extended shoulder line (square free models).

Industrial style vest

If we talk about color, then in the choice of designers, designers give preference to classic, rich, pastel and natural colors. So, the most popular and universal are black, white, gray, blue, brown, beige and sand shades.

Fashionable bows with a vest

Fashionable retro vests

Alternatively, to create trendy outfits, you should pay attention to retro vests with geometric prints. These include rhombuses, stripes and a cage. A creative girl, especially if she likes the preppy style, will definitely find how to be the most elegant and fashionable in such a vest.

Images with what to wear a printed vest

Solid knitted short and extra long vests

If we talk about a trendy one-color knitted and crocheted vest, then fashionable solutions are presented with a smooth and volumetric-relief texture. They can be elongated and very short, oversized and fitted. Naked vests, an elongated shirt, a T-shirt, a blouse, light dresses and other wardrobe items are worn, increasing the fashionable degree of your image. Of new products a vest with a high collar can be distinguished.

Knitted plain vest and image with it

Fashionable vests from suiting fabric

The latest designer collections have been filled with variety volumetric suit fabric vest. Vests with a pronounced emphasis on shoulders… This is just there the very detail that will help achieve proportionality if you are the owner of the X, Ʌ, I and H-figures.

What to wear with a voluminous vest

Typically, these vests are worn on tops, shirts, blouses and T-shirts. Another option with pleated and lace dresses. For a change, dress and vest can be worn separately, combined with other things. But, a fitted vest made of suiting fabric also claims a place in your fashionable wardrobe. It can be worn directly over a naked body or dress. More photos and images with him will be below.

How to wear a plain vest in 2020

Leather and fur vests

In the choice of material, leather, wool and fur are considered the most popular solutions, especially in the CIS. Vests made of these materials are familiar, practical and comfortable wardrobe items. They are especially attractive in the cold season, while in all sorts of colors.

Acne Studios или Miu Miu

Think back or watch at least the latest Acne Studios or Miu Miu runway with black leather vests in style oversized… The collections include free models with an emphasis on the shoulders. But besides this, elongated leather vests with fur and fitted silhouette.

Suit with vest

A suit is a versatile wardrobe item. You can choose shoes, top or blouse of any color for him to look actual and fashionable. A vest in a suit can be of a variety of length and cut ideas. So, if your favorite is a suit, then a good solution for you would be an image – a maxi or an elongated vest with trousers, a skirt or shorts.

How to wear elongated vests and medium lengths
Suits with vest
Images –

Fashionable insulated vest

Puffy, quilted, with patch pockets, with and without a hood – this vest remains a fashionable option for active everyday wear. A loose, warm vest will provide practicality and functionality regardless of the situation and your lifestyle.

Warm vest - images

What to wear with a vest – photos of images and ideas

The main thing in fashionable combinations is your ability to competently combine styles, textures and colors, creating a spectacular appearance. Designers do not give recommendations on specific combinations with a vest, as the only true ones. Women and girls need to choose a vest model based on their preferences, style and taste. And combine it with other clothes, listening to the choice of image makers and stylists, who rely on current fashion trends when drawing up images.

saint-laurent short vest look 2020
Saint laurent spring 2020

How to wear a knitted waistcoat

Alternatively, you can follow the fashionable images of popular fashion bloggers to keep abreast of the latest changes.

Blogger in a fashionable vest

The image of a blogger in a vest

With a fashionable vest 2020, you can make an endless variety of interesting combinations. For example, the most uncomplicated fashionable technique is a knitted vest over a shirt or dress. So, combining a plain vest with a matching shirt or total bow, you will look very stylish. Such a set from the category of classics that will never go out of style.

Images with an elongated vest

What else to wear vests with?

We offer a selection of current looks for 2020. Do not be afraid to experiment, the vest is combined with almost any clothing, footwear and style. It will definitely become the most beloved and necessary wardrobe item.

Look with a printed vest

How to wear a pink waistcoat

Images with a fashionable vest

Look with a leather short vest

Look with a suit vest

Matching leather pants and vest

Knitted vest with mini skirt

Long vest with wide leg pants

Bright vest 2020 with pants

Knitted vest with sweater

This sweater (as in the Isabel Marant collection), but looks like it is wearing a vest over it.

Long vest with pockets - look

Fashionable bows with a vest

Fashion blogger image with vest

Long vest with trousers

How to wear a black waistcoat look

A selection of fashionable images with a vest

Red vest with what to wear

Looks from fashion week with a vest

What to wear with a vest


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