Rime Arodaky has every intention of making us dance with the wedding dresses from her 2019 collection

The 2019 wedding dress collections are being revealed little by little. Rime Arodaky, one of the references in the field, was inspired by dance to imagine his new models.

Rime Arodaky presented her 2019 collection during New York Bridal Week. A meeting for the French designer who now has her place reserved in this highly prized event in the world of marriage and which has enabled her to conquer the American market. “It really allowed us to go from being a small designer to that of an established brand,” she rejoices at a dinner where she unveiled her 2019 models to the French press.

In video, Rime Arodaky’s 2019 campaign

And those who are about to say yes next year should surely be seduced by the wedding dresses inspired by the world of dance. “It is true that it is a rather rehashed theme but it remains an art that has always inspired me. I have done it myself for a long time because I find it gracious. I have always admired the costumes and fantasized about this profession. And I find that in the way we develop our dresses, the way the fabrics float, but also the way a bride moves, there is a real grace. The eyes are riveted on her as on a dancer during a show: act 1, act 2, act 3 … For me, it’s a beautiful metaphor. “

But the one who founded her label in 2011 does not signify too much a first degree interpretation. “There is a model that evokes the tutu, but otherwise the references to this area fit very differently in this collection between the wrap-over shape, the overlays, the transparency … I tried to be in the contrast with very vaporous, voluminous, pleated or textured things but also very refined things. “

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Three lines to satisfy all desires

Great novelty this season, the ceremony collection is divided into two. Dresses from the Première line, more couture, tailor-made and customizable. Seven truly scalable models that customers can adjust as they please. Starting price ? € 10,000 for creations made in the workshop and for which appointments are made with the designer herself.

Rime Arodaky's Première 2019 collection

Presented at Bridal Week in New York, Rime Arodaky’s 2019 collection featured a line called Première.

Greg Finck / Rime Arodaky photo presse

The second range, between € 3,000 and € 6,000, is more romantic than usual. “But the rock side goes through the sexy details!” Rime Arodaky hastens to clarify. Lace, ribbons and ties compose fifteen models which are named after the names of choreographers or ballets. Finally, eight civilian outfits complete this collection “in a more Flashdance because we can have more fun on short models. ”. It remains to be seen which dancer soul the future brides will have in 2019.

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