Round face haircuts (25 photos with hairstyle ideas for chubby women)

The main task of a haircut for a round face is to visually turn it into an oval one.

The oval is considered the ideal shape, so stylists use diagonal and vertical lines when cutting chubby girls. But don’t even think about choosing straight bangs and other horizontal lines: they will expand your face even more.

We will tell you a few techniques that professional stylists use when working with girls with a round face shape.

  • Oblique bangs, asymmetrical or diagonal parting also visually lengthens the face.
  • Focus on the vertical lines that cover the cheekbones and cheeks, for example with a slanting ragged bangs.
round face haircut
  • Do not curl your hair from the very roots: this adds volume to the temporal part of the head, which makes the face visually expand even more.
  • Another effective technique: before you put your hair in a ponytail or bundle, make a small vertical fleece in the place of the intended bangs. Due to the additional volume, you will not only narrow your face, but also make your hairstyle more elegant.

Remember, not every oblique bang will look good on every girl; it is better to choose an asymmetrical parting, which, due to the unequal length on both sides, will help to correct the face. And do not overdo it with pile – it should be natural.

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A new trend is in fashion – bangs, bangs, bangs: straight, torn, oblique. But will they fit a round face? Definitely yes, and the length can vary from extremely short to super long!

But here, too, one rule should be remembered: avoid crisp horizontal bangs.

Thick, straight bangs will “cut off” your forehead and make your face look even rounder or even square. It is better to opt for light bangs through which the forehead will be visible or which will advantageously frame the face on both sides.

Chubby girls will do well with large curls and light waves, but there is an important point: in order not to distort the proportions of the face, the hair should start curling just below the jawline. And to create a high hairstyle, they can be wound and put back.

For long-lasting curls, apply any suitable professional-quality mousse before curling: Matrix Height of Glamsecurely fixing L’Oréal Pro Volume Extra or absolutely universal Transformer.

Curls and waves give volume on their own, and we can use this to visually stretch a round face.

Girls with naturally curly hair can straighten them slightly – the waves will look casual and romantic.

By winding or straightening hair, do not forget about thermal protection: the overdried ends have not yet painted any face shape. Be sure to apply a special product, such as styling cream, before using tongs or ironing. Nutrifier, L’Oreal Professionnel, with coconut oil and glycerin, which not only protects, but also nourishes the hair, making it easier to comb.

Round face haircuts for curly hair

For lovers of light textures, we recommend paying attention to Matrix Miracle Creator… This spray will protect the strands from damage during styling, will not weigh it down, and will give the hair an impressive shine.

You’ve probably heard a lot about haircut pixie – the word is translated from English as “fairy” or “elf”. She came into vogue in the early fifties with the release of the movie “Roman Holiday”, where, according to the plot, Princess Anne, played by Audrey Hepburn, cut her hair to feel free.

Pixie is really like a breath of fresh air – it can make your look both daring and elegant, and visually lengthen the round face due to the volume in the parietal zone and its absence on the sides.

A bob is also suitable for chubby girls – with or without bangs. The main thing is to lay it down successfully. Use forgiving products such as lotion The Incredible Blowdry, Kerastase, which allows you to change the shape of the hairstyle without reapplying. Most often stylists advise graduated bob car: when the hair on the back of the head is made shorter than on the face. This will add volume where it is needed and visually lengthen the round face.

Remember the rule? The straight parting increases the width of the face, while the asymmetrical parting does not. It can be safely applied in a bob, square and even the famous haircut “ladder”, as in the TV series of the 90s.

But remember: if you have unruly or curly hair, cutting in layers will only add volume.

A long bob is a compromise for those who are tired of wearing long hair, but it is a pity to cut it. It does not require long-term and complex styling: it is enough to dry them with a hairdryer with a diffuser and add the required volume with foam or hair powder. They can also be colored in bright ombre and slightly curl – it will look very stylish!

The ideal option would be a cascading haircut: even long hair it will give a significant volume. Beach waves look very impressive on the cascade, which, of course, begin to curl below the chin, as well as gradient coloring.

By the way, these are the trends of recent seasons.

With styling, any haircut will look much more advantageous. But if the rhythm of your life does not imply a five-minute styling, we have a way out!

Haircuts for chubby, no styling required

Volume in pixie haircut It is easy to achieve without styling products: when drying your hair with a hairdryer, simply do not let it fix in one position, constantly beating the hair with your hands. Vidal Sassoon, the world famous stylist and founder of his own technique of the same name, was also guided by the principle of wash and go – any haircut will look perfect, even if you just washed and dried your hair.

If you want super volume, just add styling powder to the roots. But you should not increase the volume from the sides, it is better to do this at the back of the head, crown and bangs.

For those with Asian hair, I recommend the classic bob because it is the least hassle with it, although it looks great on light fine hair. And the reason is this: the shorter the hair, the thicker it looks !.

A garcon haircut, or “like a boy”, will also help you look fresh and youthful. Hair of this length does not require any maintenance, except perhaps washing, and extremely short hair can be dyed without regret in any bright color: if you don’t like the color, the hair can be painlessly returned to its natural shade.

Lay garcon with volume and texture. For example, you can apply a powdery mousse Rebel Push-Up from L’Oreal Professional and thoroughly dry your hair with a hairdryer, and then work out the ends of the strands with light wax without the effect of gluing – he knows how Matrix Over Achiever.

We figured out what suits chubby girls, but here is a list of hairstyles that should be discarded:

What to Avoid in Round Face Hairstyle
  • haircut with straight bangs up to eyebrows;
  • a haircut that increases volume on the sides of the face;
  • haircut with thinning strands at the face;
  • graphic square to the chin.

The reasons are the same: such hairstyles will visually expand your face and hide your forehead.

Of course, hair trends change almost every month, but if you want to stay “on the cutting edge”, pay special attention to the following haircut options:


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