Rules for choosing hair color for brown-eyed

1. Consider the shade of brown eyes

Brown eyes are the most common in the world. It is not surprising that this color has dozens of varieties – from a light, close to green, to a very dark, almost black shade. Light-colored girls should avoid staining in very dark colors: against their background, the eyes will seem faded. On the other hand, if the iris is darker, the rich coloration will create an interesting contrast to the whites of the eyes.

2. Pay attention to skin tone

For swarthy girls, golden copper is suitable, caramel and amber palette. To emphasize the beauty of fair skin will help chestnut, bluish black and other dark shades.

3. The presence of gray hair matters

Remember that if grey hair hard and thick, the dye should be one level brighter. Thin ones, on the contrary, it is advisable to paint only with delicate ammonia-free agents tone on tone.

Colorists experts prefer colorants Name и Dia Wealth (L’Oreal Pro), hit Color Sync (Matrix). Or professional mixtures based on henna, cassia and indigo using neutralizing toner Botanea, which allows you to achieve a variety of natural shades that camouflage gray hair, without unwanted warm nuances (yellow, red, reddish).

When choosing a shade of coloring, the shade of gray hair is not important, its volume is important. If gray hair is more than 50%, the color range should be uniquely light.

4. Be careful with natural dyes

If the hair has been previously dyed, for example henna, unexpected effects are possible. Exit – either continue to use natural remedies, or wait until the previous color disappears completely.

5. Avoid black and bright copper shades if you are over 50

Too dark a tone can pallor the skin, and too bright can draw attention to skin imperfections, such as rosacea.

6. Never paint all hair in bright colors at once

Start in small areas. This will help you get used to the shade and appreciate it in action.

7. When coloring in shades of blond, look for paints containing useful keratins and oils

What hair color suits brown eyes
hair color for brown-eyed

This will minimize the risk of unwanted yellow undertones, which brown eyes can visually enhance.

8. Don’t neglect your makeup habits

For example, if you constantly wear cherry lipstick, pay attention to the wine color palette.

When choosing a color, skin tone is a much more important parameter than eye color. For example, if the skin is olive, the ash scale will look strange. But when it comes to the eyes, playing on contrasts, on the contrary, is often welcomed. Blondes with brown eyes look very interesting.

choose the best days for coloring in every sense, so that everything goes like clockwork. We advise our brown-eyed readers not to carry out the procedure after a hard exhausting day and focus on HAIROScope in December 2020… He will tell you on what dates in December 2020 the stars favor playing with hair shades.

The shade of the iris of brown eyes is the first and most important factor to consider when choosing a hair dye. Green-brown, gray-brown, dark brown or golden-honey, – we determine our shade and choose the ideal coloring color using photo examples.

1. Green-brown eyes: what hair color is right?

The owners of this unusual shade will suit natural warm tones: honey or caramel, as well as wheat blond… Any non-monochrome coloring techniques will help to emphasize the beautiful transition of green to brown, for example, highlighting or shatush.

2. Black and brown eyes

The winter color type (dark eyes and light or dark skin), to which the owners of dark brown eyes belong, are most suitable for contrasting shades of coloring. You can start with your own color, increasing it by half a tone. And continue to experiment with gourmet shades fashionable this season – espresso, cappuccino, chocolate or cocoa.

Try to try on a dark brown-haired man with a cold nuance recognized by trendsetters and very beloved by stylists. It looks incredibly stylish, but – there is such a minus – it is washed out rather quickly. Help maintain a cold nuance shampoo and air conditioning from the gamut Dark Envy (Matrix). The shampoo contains a mix of pigments that neutralize warm tones on dark hair, and the rinse off care deeply nourishes and gives a hypnotic glow. This range also includes a concentrated pigmented mask. Dark Envy, however, it is so powerful that it is used exclusively in salons. In five minutes, the mask returns a cold shade to the reddened brown-haired man, and on natural unpainted strands that fade slightly in spring and summer, it also works great.

3. Gray-brown

Reinforce a cool silver undertone or bring out the warmth of a golden brown? The choice of one of these options depends on your skin color. If it is light, porcelain, feel free to try blond or cool light brown tones… Dark-haired women are more suitable for tasty caramel and reddish options.

4. Yellow-brown eyes

Natural palette of blond, copper, caramel, wheat – all these shades will accentuate the radiant golden undertones of the iris of the eye and give the skin a warm glow, as from the rays of a setting sun.

5. Cherry brown eyes

Whether you wear colored lenses or are naturally the owner of this unusual shade, cherry brown eye color is a good reason to try bright color options. Start by giving the side strands, bangs, or ends of your hair a magenta wine or burgundy color. And for the future, keep in mind the entire wine palette: mulled wine shades are very popular this winter.

Reinforce a charming dark undertone or emphasize the noble coolness of a light one? To answer this question correctly, it is important to correctly assess the skin tone.

1. For light and pale skin

Will be equally good as a neutral base – cold blond and restrained light brown shades. Likewise, bright colors that create a beautiful contrast with fair skin – for example, dark chocolate or coffee colors.

Cold blond is easy to correct at home with pigment shampoos. Choose according to your budget, taste and hair tone: Blondifier Cool (L’Oreal Pro), ColorLast Purple (Biolage) and Brass Off (Matrix) are suitable for any light shade, and ideal for silvery nuances and fashionable artificial gray hair So Silver (Matrix) and Magnesium Silver (L’Oreal Pro).

2. For dark skin

The task of coloring is to emphasize the natural radiance of the image. Best of all, shades of cappuccino, wheat, copper, amber and caramel colors cope with this task.

3. Cold and warm skin tone

When determining a skin tone, it is important not to make a mistake in choosing a subtone: after all, it will directly depend on which range we use – warm or cold. Remember that even dark olive skin can sound cool. And light – to give golden sun reflections: for example, if the owner of such skin has freckles or natural red hair. In order not to be mistaken in choosing a tone, evaluate your appearance only in good daylight.



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