Rustic clothing: fashionable photos from the catwalk

For many seasons in a row, dresses and other outfits in a rustic style have appeared on the catwalk among the most fashionable trends, which attracts the attention of fashionistas with their practicality, simplicity and some kind of special positive attitude. Clothes with rural motives evoke the kindest and warmest memories of childhood, grandmother’s front garden and freshly baked buns, birch grove and field daisies. And I must say that many women responded to such a natural and slightly naive style. It really contains home warmth and comfort that are so necessary for a modern person.

Photo above – Stella McCartney and Temperley London
Bottom photo – The Great, Vivetta

Rustic looks

Rustic clothing has been steadily gaining popularity lately. Long-term traditions are present in every country, at all times and among all peoples. After all, each of us at the genetic level inherited the spirit of our native spaces. Probably, this is the origin of the desire for nature, that initial naturalness that can be felt in this style.

Rustic style is not a specialized fashion trend. It contains many currents that are associated with national customs and traditions that distinguish one people from another. Therefore, the rustic style should be considered on the basis of certain characteristics, depending on the characteristics of the country and people, and even the locality and its natural conditions.

Rustic, or country style, extends to many well-known styles, for example, ethno, boho, hippie, rustic, country, Provence, Russian and many others …

Rural life is inextricably linked with nature, so all of the listed styles are inclined towards everything natural and sustainable.

Rustic style of clothing
Etro, Oscar de la Renta
Etro, Stella McCartney, Temperley London

Rustic style of clothing

Here are some examples of rustic clothing from different parts of the world.

American country

This style has long been a favorite of many designers around the world. Somewhat earlier, country was associated with cowboys and Indians, but today it has absorbed many features of various directions, including American farmers. It values ​​simplicity, naturalness and functionality of all garments.

Distinctive wardrobe items are checkered shirts, blouses with puffy sleeves and ruffles, wide, assembled skirts, including tiered skirts, jeans, shorts, vests. Leather goods are especially characteristic of this style.

American country
The Great, Isabel Marant, Temperley London

American country

English country style

There are mostly items of clothing that are warm and comfortable. And this is natural, since the style was formed in an area where it is always cool, often rains, fog and damp. The items in the basic wardrobe are practical and versatile, the clothes are multi-layered. In the wardrobe there are coats, jackets, vests, cardigans, sweaters, a lot of knitted things, dense solid fabrics …

Provence style – France

Its characteristic features are femininity and romance, pastel shades, embroidery, handmade lace. In the wardrobe there are dresses, sundresses, thin and light fabrics. Skirts, usually flared, loose cut, many hand-knitted items, braided lace, colored embroidery, braid, flounces, ruffles, frills.

Russian style of clothing

Here you can talk about a lot, starting with the fact that the beauty of the Russian costume was supplanted for a long time, not only from the moment of Peter’s reforms, forcibly changing the clothes of the people. It is difficult to imagine the events and things of times that have gone far from today. Little evidence has survived about the life of ancient Russia. Russian wooden cities burned to the ground during the invasion of nomads or western neighbors. However, books, museums, traveller’s notes, chronicles and letters have preserved unique evidence, including about Russian national clothes.

Therefore, due to the fact that today the country style with all its folklore traditions is a fashionable trend, the splendor of the Russian costume can be revived and adapted to the new time.

Rustic clothing style: looks for city streets

Typical clothing for women is a long sundress with a floral print or embroidery, a loose-fitting shirt-blouse, a wide skirt with a border, painting or embroidery. It is today that a spacious cut with a high waist is considered a fashionable trend, which used to cause a smile among fans of Western European culture.

And how many different accessories and adornments the Russian style is fraught with, ranging from multi-colored ribbons braided into girls’ braids! Headdresses – shawls, kerchiefs, scarves with colorful colors of the Russian front garden! Belts – embroidered, knitted and braided from leather, cotton, sewn from coarse fabric. And what can I say about Russian prints with Khokhloma and Pavlovo Posad patterns, Gzhel, Palekh painting! We’ll have to stop, because it is impossible to name all the counties and provinces that have long been famous for their skill.

Now let’s see what famous designers advise us in creating an actual rustic look. First of all, designers recommend getting closer to simplicity and naturalness.

The rustic style strives to be closer to nature and provides great opportunities to experiment in the folk genre. Rustic looks are often multi-layered, and all things are practical and versatile. Therefore, clothes in this style are most often casual.

Ace & Jig, Etro, Temperley London
Vivienne Tam, Stella McCartney, Markus Lupfer

Rustic dresses and sundresses

These are exactly those garments that delight with their femininity. Their silhouettes are free, the cut lines add softness to the image. In most countries, and in Russia in particular, in ancient times, the clothes of a country girl did not show smooth curves of the body. For religious reasons, it was not customary to attract attention and seduce the male population. Today, for many, this is absurd and ignorant, but there are other opinions on the issue of spirituality and morality.

The length of dresses and skirts, despite the fact that primordially female garments have always been toe-to-toe, today are adjusted according to different measures. Long, rustic dresses can be flared, draped at the drawstring, or with a gathered skirt and a belt at the waist. For the sake of modern fashion, dresses can be short with numerous frills, frills, lace.

Cropped models go well with leather or knitted boots, braided sandals and sandals. Large volumes of dresses and skirts dictate the splendor of the sleeves. Lantern sleeves look especially cute and gentle.

Andrew Gn, Anna Sui, Huishan Zhang

Rustic style of clothing
Isabel Marant, Laura Biagiotti, Lela Rose

Rustic style of clothing
2 фото Luisa Beccaria и Alberta Ferretti

Shirts & Blouses

Shirts have always been a necessary part of folk costumes in all countries of the world. As for the American country, the modern fashion especially loved the checkered cowboy shirt, tied in a knot just below the chest.

Shirts in pastel colors are typical for the costume of Slavic origin, as well as for Provence. In many countries, the shirt was decorated with embroidery in folk motifs, decorated with braid. The cut of the shirts was always loose, the length in different suits was different, depending on the created image.

Aigner, Alberta Ferretti, Chanel
Christian Dior, Vivetta, APC

Pants & Shorts

In ancient times, trousers were not supposed to be in a rustic women’s wardrobe, except for oriental beauties and in American country, where the need arose due to certain circumstances.

Today, the choice of trousers in a country style is a matter of responsibility. In country style, these are lightly flared, faded jeans or full-fitting trousers. In addition to them, you can wear high boots made of leather or suede, a cotton blouse with flounces or frills, with a deep neckline. In cool weather, a jacket is added, suede or leather, and of course, with fringes. A cowboy hat won’t hurt. But this is only country, and there are other options …

Women's fashion
Rejina Pyo and 2 photos by Alberta Ferretti
Celine, Isabel Marant, Joy

Women's fashion

Other garments included in the rustic look

It all depends on the nationality of the created image. But knitted or fur vests, knitted sweaters, cardigans, shower jackets, sweaters, skirts, overalls – all this should certainly be in a rustic style wardrobe.

Fashion Styles
Celine, The Great
Christian Dior

Fashion Styles


In tailoring, all materials must be natural, providing coziness and comfort. These are cotton, chintz, linen, cambric, wool, flannel, tweed, denim, knitwear, leather, suede, fur. For a rustic look, coarse fabrics such as matting, as well as with a scuffed effect, are suitable. Knitted items are often handmade items. The presence of wrinkled fabrics such as the header is mandatory. Wrinkled fabrics in this case do not assert negligence, but only emphasize their belonging to natural ones. Fabrics with a burnt-out effect will appear in their place.

Christian Dior, No-21, Celine
Christian Dior

Stylish looks for spring

Palette and Prints

The connection with nature dictates neutral and warm shades, while green, beige, gray, blue colors will also be relevant. Dresses in pastel shades look unusually attractive and a little naive. In the palette of rustic clothes, both muted shades and bright optimistic ones are possible. Only acidic paints will be undesirable. The print contains folklore patterns, floral motifs, plant patterns, checks, polka dots, stripes, and of course, a mix of prints. In general, all colors and prints should remind us of our connection with nature.

2 Photos by Anna Sui and Tory Burch
Self Portrait, Vivienne Tam, Ulla Johnson

Shoes for a rustic look

The first property of a shoe that must be strictly observed is comfort. You need to choose it depending on the weather and season. In modern fashion, you can’t do without sneakers. Sandals and low-heeled Mary Jane shoes, ballet flats, sandals with weaves, leather or rubber boots – all this should be in a rustic shoe wardrobe.

The variety of such shoes is huge, if you only take into account the nature of the area and the weather conditions. And if you also remember the folk traditions, then it will be even more difficult to enumerate … Here are boots with lacing, and riding rings, and soft moccasins, and even hunting boots.

Ace & Jig, Anna Sui, Brooks Brothers
Rebecca Taylor, Temperley London


Scarves, shawls, stoles, in the Russian style – a downy shawl or with painted patterns will help to complement the image in cool weather. In the summertime, a kerchief or a straw hat will become the main headdress.

In winter, especially in the northern countries, fur and fur products deserve attention: collars, hats, mittens with colorful ornaments.

Leather belts with large country style buckles are a must. Braided and rope belts are excellent handicraft applications. A basket woven from a vine or a bag made of textiles are essential items for a country girl.

Rustic style of clothing
Alberta Ferretti, Christian Dior, Vivetta
Ulla Johnson and 2 photos Missoni

Rustic style of clothing

Decorations and decorative items

Rustic jewelry should be simple and unpretentious. They are made from wood, leather, textiles, metal. Most often jewelry has a handmade imprint. Wooden beads and bracelets, shells and ribbons, flower jewelry, corals, amber, jasper …

A variety of embroidery, lace, fringe, beads, textile and leather appliques, patchwork, ruffles, ruffles, flounces, large buttons, and of course, patches or imitation of patches can be a decorative addition to outfits. Decor made of feathers, fur fragments, jute fibers will be very useful.

Author: Tatiana Dmitrieva

Rustic looks
Andrew Gn, Cédric Charlier, Genny

Rustic looks
Dice Kayek, Etro, Missoni

Temperley London, Stella Jean, Jil Sander

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