Sarah Harrison: She resists criticism of the after-baby body

The Harrison family has finally been four for just under a week: daughter Kyla has made the family complete. And just a few days after the birth, Sarah Harrison, 29, lets her 2.6 million followers take part in her life again. One thing that particularly strikes her fans in front of german is the belly of the newly minted double mom.

Fans criticize after-baby body

On a cuddly photo that Sarah Harrison shows with her daughter Mia Rose, the arched belly of the 29-year-old can be clearly seen. And how could it be otherwise: After giving birth, the body has to recover and slowly regress. No wonder that Sarah Harrison cannot present her usual six-pack just one week after the delivery.

Sarah Harrison: “I am proud of my body”

Sarah Harrison defends herself against criticism of her after-baby body in her Instagram story.

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