Sarah Jessica Parker launches her first wedding dress collection

Three years after the launch of her shoe line SPJ Bridal by Sarah Jessica Parker, the actress of Sex and the City has just unveiled her very first collection of wedding dresses.

[Mise à jour du 25/04/2018]. We all dreamed of owning the same dressing room as Sarah Jessica Parker, aka Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City! We can now wear a wedding dress imagined by the actress, in collaboration with Gilt, the American eshop. Three years after the launch of her line of Bridal shoes, Sarah Jessica Parker now offers wedding dresses and outfits that accompany women throughout their marriage.

The wedding dresses created exclusively for the American brand are original, while remaining elegant, chic and in tune with the times. For Sarah Jessica Parker, “weddings don’t have to be traditional”. Not to be like everyone else, the designer even wore a black wedding dress on her wedding day with her Matthew Broderick in May 1997. And you? Are you going to fall for a retro, quirky dress with a big bow in the back, to wear with pants? Long or short, open back or with long sleeves, there is something for everyone for every future bride to find her style. And to accompany women throughout their marriage, the actress also offers pastel dresses for bridesmaids, a chic dress for the town hall, a red dress for the bachelorette party or a black jumpsuit. elegant for brunch …

If one of the models tempts you, the prices are rather affordable and vary between 338 euros and and 2,737 euros. In addition, each outfit from this first collection goes perfectly with the 15 pairs of SJP shoes special wedding. This line of elegant and ultra girly bridal shoes will allow women to shine and be beautiful from head to toe on D-day. The designer offers satin pumps in several colors (green, royal blue, pink, plum, etc. ) and each model is adorned with jewels, at a cost of around 500 euros.

Price: 2737 euros © SJP Bridal – Gilt
Price: 543 euros © SJP Bridal – Gilt
Price: 909 euros © SJP Bridal – Gilt
Price: 2051 euros © SJP Bridal – Gilt
Body with bow in the back: 338 euros © SJP Bridal – Gilt
Price: 543 euros © SJP Bridal – Gilt

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