Scandinavian clothing style is the fall-winter 2020/2021

We’ll tell you how to dress in a Scandinavian style to look relevant in any situation.

They started talking about the Scandinavian style in clothing back in 2013: it was at this time that most people got tired of colorful collections and things that have nowhere to wear in everyday life.

In 2020, when the whole world was forced to sit at home for several months, many realized that they could well do without most of their wardrobe, consisting of endless crop tops, metallic fabrics, neon and sequins. Therefore, more and more fashionable fashion bloggers appeared on the Instagram feed, dressed in layered images, cozy oversized sweaters (let’s call it a hugge sweater), knitted suits and leather shirts. In the clothes of the Scandinavian collections of fashion brands, you can not only go to a party or sit in the front row of a fashion show, but also look relevant and stylish in any everyday situation.

Pros of the Scandinavian style in clothes

Laconicism and bright minimalism

A few years ago, the Scandinavian style was considered a model of minimalism, but here the fashion vector has shifted in favor of bright colors and unusual prints. Lovers of comfort and gray long coats need not worry – they have not disappeared, but in many collections of Scandinavian brands there are now things with unusual cut and bright prints.

While big brands such as Saks Potts and Ganni remain unchanged in their DNA, in many Swedish cities, local brands are increasingly experimenting with colors and textures. Comfort is still a priority, but the secret of new color combinations is simple – Scandinavian girls are tired of minimalism. Therefore, combining a bright sweater with a geometric print, a pink silk skirt and Cossack boots in one image does not seem unusual anymore.

The secret of the Scandinavian style is that in one look you can safely mix current trends (bows-ribbons on a blouse, fur birkenstocks, turn-down collars) and classic, but relaxed clothes).


The topic of conscious consumption has been at the top for several years, so many have paid attention to the laconic things inherent in the Scandinavian style. Sustainability is very important: local designers try to minimize their impact on the environment. One of the important rules of a Scandinavian wardrobe is that clothes must be of good quality, in a classic color, in order to fit into everyday wardrobe: this is how the base is created. Cashmere sweater, knitwear suit, straight trousers, midi skirt: all these clothes will obviously last more than one season and will definitely not go out of fashion, so such an investment in a wardrobe will be much more environmentally friendly than buying things a couple of times.


Changeable weather forces the inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries to mix several layers of clothing in one image – the result is a favorite layering of many. In winter, street style bloggers prefer to wear a shirt, wool sweater, vest and coat together – it turns out not only comfortable and warm, but also stylish. And in summer, a light flying dress is boldly mixed with a plain classic T-shirt, light trench coat or oversized jacket.

Top 3 Scandinavian clothing brands

Acne Studios

Acne Studios is synonymous with Scandinavian fashion: the creative director of the brand Jonny Johansson brings his interest in architecture, photography and art in general to new collections every time. We hasten to note that not only he does this: the designers of Scandinavian brands mainly look for inspiration in objects of art, architecture and design. It is not surprising that every Acne Studios store draws attention from afar with its laconic window dressing, and each item is an independent work of art. Thoughtful details, monochrome classic colors, comfortable fabrics and great tailoring – all this can be found in the Scandinavian brand.


In 2018, everyone started talking about the Canni brand: the LVMH concern invested in the development of the brand. Over the years, the brand’s designers have been creating clothes for independent women who are used to relying not on the opinions of others in choosing things, but on their own style, taste and desires. One of the life hacks that Ganni has adopted is the habit of mixing modern trends and time-tested classics: for example, feminine dresses, skirts and trousers are often decorated with unusual embroidery and intricate prints.


COS is a subsidiary of H&M with a recognizable Scandinavian style and more sophisticated clothing – a kind of premium class among the affordable brands for lovers of basic things. The first COS boutique was opened in London in 2007, and during this time the brand has been able to establish itself as the embodiment of Scandinavian minimalism. The brand is almost completely ignorant of being tied to the seasons’ trends, and new collections mostly consist of clothes outside the timetable – ideal for those who are tired of the eternal race for fashion.

Fashion practice

We suggest choosing basic clothing in order to get closer to the Scandinavian style. You don’t have to choose things from Scandinavian brands – minimalistic cut and monochrome colors can be found in almost any new fall collection. Wear straight black jeans with a cashmere turtleneck or oversized sweater, and a chunky down jacket with a knit suit and fur birken stocks.

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