Scottish wedding – all focus on the groom

A modern wedding, regardless of country, has a lot in common. Brides choose dresses that match the fashion trends of our time, and grooms wear suits. This approach makes weddings monotonous, and turns the outfits of the bride and groom into uniforms. Therefore, many couples want to create unusual images for the wedding. You can look for inspiration in fashion, art, history and tradition …

Each country has its own traditions, this applies to all areas of life, including a wedding. Today we will see photos from events in Scotland. Usually, at weddings, all attention is directed to the bride, everyone is interested in studying the wedding dress in the smallest detail. Only at a Scottish wedding it’s different.

Scottish wedding groom suit

The bride is unremarkable, only the dress is too modest according to modern beauty canons. But the groom resembles a fairy-tale character from fantasy worlds. In the image of the groom, everything is unusual – a kilt skirt decorated with a tartan print and belt buckles. Shoes – Scottish brogues with low heels with weaves of thin laces that braid the knee socks …

Jacket Prince Charlie. In addition to the skirt, an elegant jacket immediately attracts attention, which has many decorative elements and looks very solemn. The jacket is made of dense tweed fabrics, and the lining and lapels are made of satin silk. The decoration is served by silver buttons on the sleeves and sides of the jacket. All together makes the male figure more slender and gives an aristocratic posture.

Scottish wedding

Sporangia… Belt purse bag. A men’s kilt skirt has no pockets; such a man definitely needs a bag or a large wallet. The Sporran purse looks funny, like a gnome or elf’s purse where he hides gold coins. At the same time, today such a bag is very relevant, because in recent years, fashion collections have not left images with belt bags.

Scottish wedding - all focus on the groom

Depending on the capabilities of the groom, he can afford different options for a purse bag. The simple ones are made from textiles, while the rich ornate ones are made from leather and are adorned with horsehair fringes, silver elements and clasps.

In addition, the groom’s image is decorated with small accessories that are not always noticeable at first glance. For example, a small knife, it is cleverly hidden and only a small handle is visible. A silver kilt pin, it sticks to the skirt and prevents the skirt from swinging open too much.

If you look closely, you will notice that the high socks or knee-highs are decorated with pieces of fabric with teeth, reminiscent of the fringes or teeth of the ancient fortress walls. A small knife can be hidden in the sock. All elements of the costume are time-tested and have their own history, therefore, even for us, outside observers from other traditions, these images look very harmonious and stylish.

In addition to the outside, a wedding in Scotland took into account a lot of superstitions and omens. Great importance was attached to the phases of the moon, it was believed that it is best to plan a celebration on the growing moon, such a choice promised growing prosperity. Every day of the week also promised some benefits or features for the future life. And the month should also be taken into account. Most of the Scottish signs are reflected in our Slavic signs, because before all people were closer to nature and the world of spirits.

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