Scrub scrub: what it is and how to use it at home

Skin cells are constantly renewing and scalp is no exception. Excessive accumulation of dead particles can make it difficult to nourish hair follicles, increase oiliness, dandruff and even hair loss.

Special scrubs will help to thoroughly and carefully cleanse the scalp. They not only exfoliate dead cells, but also activate the processes of natural renewal, stimulate the growth of new hair, reduce oiliness and pleasantly refresh. In addition, such products are a real find for anyone who often uses styling products. It has been proven that styling can build up in hair and negatively affect its condition. A special scrub will help to cope with this problem and thoroughly cleanse the hair from impurities. After using the scrub, your hair will better absorb any additional care, such as a mask or serum, stay clean longer, comb easier, style and grow better.


How to use a scalp scrub

The scrub for the scalp can be based on natural ground nuts, apricot seeds, salt, sugar and other abrasive particles. It also contains menthol, fruit acids, various nourishing oils and natural extracts, which have antiseptic, soothing and tonic properties.

A good head scrub solves several problems at once:

  • Exfoliates dead skin particles, restoring full cellular respiration and normalizing the fat balance of the scalp. ⠀
  • It activates the skin blood circulation, which, with regular use of the product, leads to the stimulation of hair growth. When applying the scrub, you can massage with your fingers or use special massagers.
  • It nourishes the scalp and saturates the hair follicles with useful microelements thanks to fatty and essential oils, vitamins and active extracts in the composition. Exfoliation, massage and a beneficial oil mask – a pleasant care three in one!

1 – Miriam Quevedo Extreme Caviar Scrub Mask, 2 – Kerastase Scrub Gel for Sensitive Scalp, 3 – Natura Siberica Restoring Melting Sugar Scrub for Scalp, 4 – Gommage Purifying Hair Mask with Moroccan Ghassoul Clay and eucalyptus oil Secret Professionnel by Phyto

The use of the scrub will depend on how often you wash your hair. Experts recommend to clean the normal scalp with a scrub about once every three to four washes, oily – once every two washes, sensitive – once a month with extreme caution, or not use the scrub at all if a negative reaction or allergy occurs.

The scrub is applied to wet skin along the partings, after which the head must be thoroughly massaged, leave the product on the hair for 5-10 minutes and rinse with warm water. Then you need to wash your hair as usual and you can apply a nourishing or moisturizing mask for additional care. If your hair is thick, it may not be easy to wash the scrub. In this case, you should pay attention to special peels for the scalp.

Unlike scrubs, peels exfoliate dead cells and dissolve excess sebum through acids. For the face, such products are familiar, but using them for the scalp may be new. But it is in this area that the largest number of sebaceous glands is located.

Peels are different, and depending on the percentage and type of acids, they need to be kept longer or less. In this case, you should carefully read the instructions and follow them. The percentage of acids in peels that are suitable for independent, home use should not exceed 10%. Also in the composition of such funds, you can find antifungal components, various antibacterial oils, for example, rosemary or tea tree, and emollients.

5 – regenerating peeling for scalp Dermabrasion 3D Expert, Nioxin, 6 – peeling shampoo for deep cleansing of the scalp Ilona Lunden, 7 – scrub for the scalp Crown, R + Co, 8 – peeling for the scalp Lebel TheO Scalp Flex

Contraindications on the packaging of scrubs and peels are rarely indicated, but they are still there. You should not use the scrub if the scalp is hypersensitive, there are infectious diseases or severe damage to the skin. Also, a scrub for hair extensions is not recommended – acids and other active ingredients in its composition can dissolve the capsules.

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