secret meaning of the outfits of the heroine of the series “Queen’s Move”


The new Netflix series “Queen’s Run” became the main premiere of this fall and in just a month since its release, it managed to set a record for the number of views. One of the main distinguishing features of the project is the outstanding work of the costume designers. And first of all, the audience is fascinated by the images of the main character Beth Harmon performed by the actress Ani Taylor-Joy. The creators of the series revealed that each outfit of the heroine has a secret meaning.

At the beginning of the series, we see the heroine in closed faceless dresses and cardigans – a quiet, modest and insecure girl appears before the viewer. Throughout the development of the plot, Beth Harmon undergoes internal transformations, which are reflected in her images.


One of Beth’s favorite looks is a loose black and white blouse with short sleeves. This laid-back look was created by French fashion designer André Courrez and influenced Parisian fashion in the mid-1960s. The costume designers chose this outfit for a reason: the black and white motifs in the design refer us to chess pieces. In this blouse, the heroine feels relaxed and at ease.


For her first European chess tournament, the heroine chooses a cross dress inspired by French designer Pierre Cardin. At this stage in the development of history, you can see how the heroine has changed – now she buys haute couture in Paris and prefers the elegant French style of the mid-1960s. Harmon herself admits to her friend that she wants to imitate the style of the women she sees around her. Again, the color scheme and geometric design are a tribute to chess.


The bow dress was inspired by French-Italian fashion designer Pierre Cardin, known for his avant-garde style. The knee-length mint green garment with a black collar and two-tone bow tie was also influenced by the popular design of the late 1960s. Beth wears this costume at one of her most important matches in the series: the duel with Vasily Borgov. This time, the choice of outfit was dictated by aesthetic reasons: a dress made of lightweight fabric beautifully hugs Beth’s figure as she runs through the hotel lobby to catch the game.

One of the most luxurious looks of Harmon is a snow-white ensemble, the design of which is made in such a way as to resemble a chess piece – the White Queen. The choice of outfit reflects Beth’s ascent to the top of the chess world and symbolizes that the heroine has surpassed all her rivals. The three-button coat goes well with the heroine’s red hair, red lips and porcelain skin.




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