Secrets of choosing the right accessories for a black dress

A black dress is an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. You can go to any event in it. You just need to choose the right accessories. Then you can look different every time. In addition, accessories help to emphasize the dignity of the figure, and hide the flaws.

Many girls think they need to buy a lot of accessories. In fact, this is not the case. It will be enough to make a basic set, and you can change images all the time.

Jewelry selection rules

Some principles for the selection of jewelry should be followed:

  • You should not choose jewelry just for the dress. The fact is that you need to take into account your color type. What suits one woman and becomes her dignity may not suit the second woman at all. For example, brunettes can choose stones in bright colors. For blonde girls, inserts in stones of calm shades are best suited.
  • If a girl is the owner of curvaceous forms, then it is best for her to wear large products. Small decorations will be simply invisible. But on slender ones, large products will seem even more. Therefore, it is better to give preference to small decorations.
  • It is worth considering the complexity of the cut of the product. If the set is too complex, then the jewelry should not be intricate and ornate. Otherwise, the image will be overloaded. For light fabrics, it is best to choose the same lightweight products.
  • If the dress is with an insert, then the decoration is better to choose not too bright. If the dress is of the same tone, then here you can give free rein to imagination.
  • You should not combine inexpensive jewelry and expensive jewelry in the image at the same time. It is best when there is harmony in everything.

Shoes, gloves, belt

If the dress is evening, then it can be complemented by gloves. It is worth paying attention to the fact that they should be either satin or guipure. You can also choose an option where the fabric of the gloves and the dress are the same.Secrets of choosing the right accessories for a black dress

The belt will be a great addition to the dress. The belt will be able to emphasize the waist, and will also become a decor on a black background. The accessory can be chosen in bright colors for contrast.Secrets of choosing the right accessories for a black dress

The handbag should be in harmony with the style and also with the shoes. So a small clutch or a shoulder bag with a thin strap will suit a miniature dress. If you need to create a casual look, then the bag should be more spacious, but not very large. Otherwise, an elegant black dress will not look as impressive as it should.Secrets of choosing the right accessories for a black dress

Shoes always complete the image, put the final point. For an everyday look, ballet flats or low-heeled shoes are an excellent choice. The optimal height is 3 cm. If this is an evening option, then no one has canceled the classic boats yet.Secrets of choosing the right accessories for a black dress

By choosing the right accessories, you can look fashionable and stylish in a black dress.


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