See images A look back at Celine Dion’s incredible beauty evolution

Since the age of 12, Celine Dion has been in the spotlight and has dominated the world music scene. Back on its sometimes improbable beauty since its debut at Eurovision in 1988 to today.

Golden voice, exceptional stage presence, Celine Dion has a career that few artists can boast of. 220 million albums sold worldwide, 5 Grammy Awards, 3 Victoires de la Musique, 39 Félix awards (rewards from the Quebec recording industry), 21 Juno Awards and 12 World Music Awards… Just that! Celine Dion is one of the most profitable artists of the last two decades. The success of his latest album ‘Courage’ and the sold-out world tour that followed is further proof of this.

Celine Dion’s glossy lips


A career start with improbable hairstyles

Youngest of 14 siblings and mother of three boys, Celine Dion crosses decades and fashions. Far from being shy, the diva has changed hairstyles and hair color many times. Brunette, blonde, brown, she tried everything. It’s the same for the length. Ultra short, very long, mid-length, her hair has gone through all the phases. Changes in looks that are not always happy.

A diva with chic and glamorous beauty looks

Today, Céline seems to have found her style. More assertive, more trendy, for the past three years it has been making an incredible turn with its image by betting on easy hairstyles and sharp looks blown by stylist Pépé Munoz. From her debut in 1981 to her appearance in Parisian fashion shows and her “Courage Word Tour” in 2020, a look back at the beauty evolution of this artist with the golden voice.



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