See what the new Burberry monogram looks like. She was introduced using drones

British fashion house Burberry has introduced another version of the monogram. It was designed by creative director Riccardo Tisci. He dedicated it to Thomas Burberry, the founder of the fashion house, whose initials became the basis of the updated design.

To introduce the monogram to the world, Burberry launched a massive advertising campaign. First, the fashion house presented a capsule collection, and then opened its own beach on the island of Ibiza (umbrellas, sun loungers and other attributes of sea recreation are decorated with a monogram).

Burberry is now hosting a drone show at Taylor Park Reservoir in Colorado, USA. Dozens of drones flew across the night sky, following the outline of the new monogram.

On the other side of the Atlantic, on a South Wales beach, artist John Foreman created land art. He laid out the stones in the shape of the initials TB. The performance was also staged in China: sailing yachts were decorated with a print of a fashion house.

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