Earlier, we talked about where to start the path of getting rid of self-doubt. Today we will continue the list of useful points, because if you do not love yourself, no one can love you to the end.

Exterminate what you don’t like about yourself

You can endlessly talk about extra centimeters at the waist, bad skin or insufficiently thick hair, or you can get up and start doing something about it! Make an appointment with a hair stylist, sort out your cosmetic bag, go to a beautician, start monitoring your diet and go to the gym. There are a great many solutions, it remains only to want.

Let go of your fears

Any fear makes us weaker, and you cannot argue with this fact. And weakness is one of the main reasons for not loving yourself, so deal with your phobias as soon as possible. Afraid of heights – run to the observation deck or to the parachute jumping instructor, the conversation with spiders is also simple, you can go to the terrarium. Once you look fear in the eye, you don’t have to doubt your abilities.

Leave comparisons aside

Remember that no one is perfect, much less the same. There are no such people in the world, so why compare yourself with others? Everyone has their own talent, their own list of skills, and their own goals. Someone can work day and night, not sleep, but they do not know how to rest. Someone has the standard appearance of a glossy model, but they do not know how to build a conversation, look for common topics, amaze with their erudition. As soon as you realize this, the desire to compare yourself with others will immediately go away, because it is simply useless.

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