Semi-permanent mascara: all you need to know about this technique for a bewitching look

Semi-permanent mascara: for whom?

Mascara is great, but in the summer it is not always easy to get it to hold properly (unless you opt for a waterproof mascara). So, to be trendy in all circumstances during the holidays, many women therefore opt for various aesthetic services in order to enhance their gaze, for a shorter or longer period. Among them, we find the installation of false eyelashes or the raising of the eyelashes, a more natural technique, consisting in imitating the effect of an eyelash curler, with the advantage of lasting several weeks. Finally, there is the mascara semi-permanent : a technique consisting in applying a lasting dye to the eyelashes in order to imitate the application of a mascara. Why the term “semi-permanent”? For the simple reason that it is only the dye itself that is permanent. Eyelashes renew themselves naturally and by definition, would not be permanently dyed. It is therefore necessary to do regular sessions in order to maintain the effect of the semi-permanent mascara, specifies Florence Temim, founder of Boudoir du Regard.


Semi-permanent mascara: how much does it cost?

The technique of semi-permanent mascara is suitable “provided the eyelashes are natural ”, explains Florence Temim. We therefore avoid wearing eyelash extensions to achieve this type of aesthetic service! “For some elongated and curled eyelashes as much as possible, it is preferable to combine semi-permanent mascara with eyelash enhancement ” continues the professional. “For women with already curled eyelashes, semi-permanent mascara is sufficient” explains Frédérique Mimran, creator of the French brand Cils Expert, eye specialist and Eye Designer since 2007. “For women with eyelash extensions in search of volume on the lower lashes, semi-permanent mascara on the lower eyelashes (natural) is possible ” continues the expert. Doe gaze guaranteed!


Semi-permanent mascara: how long does it last and how to maintain it?


Prices fluctuate on average between 45 and 65 euros for an initial application of semi-permanent mascara. For lower lashes only, count twenty euros. Finally, for a semi-permanent mascara application associated with an eyelash enhancement, the prices vary between 90 and 130 euros (depending on the reputation of the show and its geographical location).


Semi-permanent mascara: what results can we expect?


The end result can be saved about 3 weeks, if eyelash maintenance is well respected. “After applying semi-permanent mascara, do not apply no fatty substance on the eyelashes”, explique Florence Temim. “Eyelashes can be wet, but not rubbed” she continues. In short: no more make-up removing oils when it comes to make-up removal, but also cotton (the fiber of which could stick to the eyelashes). Opt more for a shampoo suitable for eyelashes, which cleans gently, eliminates daily all traces of impurity and extends the life of eyelashes (or extensions) and semi-permanent mascara. “Finally, to protect semi-permanent mascara and guarantee its hold, Lash Protect eyelash treatment is particularly recommended” advises Frédérique Mimran in turn.


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