Serena Williams’ romantic marriage proposal

The American tennis player announced her engagement on the Reddit site, whose co-founder Alexis Ohanian is none other than her future husband. She tells about her marriage proposal, which took place during a surprise trip to Rome.

Serena Williams ends the year on a high note. After having equaled the great record of Steffi Graf of the Open era last July, with 22 Grand Slam victories, the American tennis player announces that she will get married! She has just accepted to marry Alexis Ohanian, one of the founders of the platform, with whom she has lived the perfect love for almost two years.

A romantic marriage proposal. It is also on this community site that the tennis star told how his marriage proposal took place, during a surprise trip to Rome, discreetly organized for this great occasion. “One knee on the ground, he said four words and I said yes“, she said. She also published a drawing of her kneeling companion to illustrate this momentous moment, accompanied by a small text:”At the same table where we met by chance / This time not by luck / but by choice / Kneeling / he said four words / And I said yes “. His response made Alexis Ohanian “happiest man in the world“!

Serena Williams posts drawing of her marriage proposal on © – Serena Williams

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