Seven amazing wedding customs around the world

The garter, the chamber pot … You thought you had seen everything in terms of wacky customs on D-Day in France? Check out these international traditions that usually hurt women.

Each country has its share of customs and traditions regarding the wedding ceremony. But, some are more eccentric than others. International overview.

The Walk of Shame in Scotland

The tradition would like that in Scotland, or more precisely in the region of the Highlands where this practice originates, the future bride is “hazed” before the big ceremony by being covered with black molasses. A mud bath? Rather a mixture of rotten food, beer, feathers … and many more repulsive elements than the others. The height of the concept, fortunately less and less widespread, the young woman must then parade through the streets so that everyone can see her. A very special “bachelorette party”, in short.

The arrow of love in China

A tradition in Yugur culture, China, asks the groom to shoot three arrows with his bow at his future mate. Rest assured, in order to avoid a tragedy or at the risk of staining the immaculate dress, the arrows have no point. This ritual is always practiced during the meal, before tasting the cake. If this ceremony is carried out in the ancestral rules, the love story should last forever. Cupid had better watch out!

Crocodile tears in China

Wedding in China

A bride in China during her wedding

A little more complicated this one… Still in China, within the Tujia people, wives and daughters do not do things by halves. A month before her union, the bride has to cry for an hour every day. Ten days later, it’s up to the mother to go there with her biggest sob, then to the grandmother the next ten. At the end of the month, they all come together to cry heartily. What’s the point ? Tears would be an expression of joy.

The stock market or love in Mauritania

To start the Mauritanian festivities, it is customary for the best friend of the bride to “kidnap” her. She then demands a ransom from the husband, otherwise she will never see her again. This tradition must demonstrate that love is stronger than any amount of money.

I love you, neither do I in Kenya

In Kenya, during a wedding in a Maasai tribe, the father of the bride must bless her by spitting on her head or / and on her chest before leaving her on the arm of the new groom. A way to show affection for her daughter and to express her wishes for happiness.

Union with nature in India

To marry ? Yes, but first to a conifer! In India, future brides born “Mangliks” – an astrological combination with which one associates the prediction of the premature death of the future husband – must marry a tree before they can mate with a man. They can get engaged as soon as the tree is cut. A practice that would ward off curses.

Love cow in Borneo

This custom still practiced by some tribes of Tidong, in the north of Borneo, obliges the newlyweds not to wash, nor to use the toilet, three days after the marriage under penalty of future bad luck. Weird you said? The couple are then watched in turn to check the rations of water and food sufficient to finish the rite. One way, like another, to stay in the juice of the ceremony.


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