Sex and the City: the evolution of the hairstyles of the heroines

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Remember, at the beginning it was not won… Our heroines were still looking for their style, both in terms of the cut and their hair color.

Carrie, la fashion addict : in the first episodes, we discover a woman-child wearing a tie & dye (gradient of blonde) on the lengths and ends of her brown hair. Later, to reassure herself, she will try a camp for a ebony brown, then will have her short square period with rebellious curls. She will eventually adopt a sexy, voluminous and wild mane, with locks of a blond ear of wheat. The perfect reflection of his personality!

Samantha, the man-eater: we would like to have his sex-appeal. And yet, at the start of the adventure, she is still far from sulfur bomb that it will become later. She still wisely ties her hair back, clear forehead and frank gaze. It is only later that she will adopt a degraded to Jennifer Aniston, a tapered bangs, and one cleverly dosed mix of blonde and caramel highlights. The real Samantha Jones was then born, ready to play cat and mouse!

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Miranda, the carriériste: her hair color changes as she moves up the ranks in her professional life. First of an uncertain blond and without personality, she will gradually assert herself by adopting a mahogany brown, then a Strawberry blonde and finally, bingo !, a hot redhead and flamboyant. A more assertive shade which underlines its fighter character.

Alone Charlotte, the BCBG, will keep its hairstyle unchanging: long brown hair, without degradation or extravagance.
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