Sex during pregnancy: 10 things to know

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Among the many taboos surrounding pregnancy, we find… sex! As if a couple can’t have sex again once they become parents. Here are 10 things all young adults should know about sex during pregnancy.

Sex is an aspect of the life of all couples. So why should a woman turn her libido off when pregnant? And why would the man no longer be attracted to his mate during this period?

10 things to know about sex during pregnancy

  1. Pregnant, your progesterone and estrogen levels skyrocket. This causes great tenderness in the breasts and vagina. As a result, you can reach orgasm more easily!
  2. The first three months are often the sign of sexual rest: waves of hormones, morning sickness and fatigue lower your libido. But don’t panic: it goes back from the fourth month.
  3. Oral sex is quite permitted during pregnancy and even recommended by some professionals. According to an American psychologist, semen could even cure morning sickness …
  4. If the pregnancy is going normally, there is no contraindication to using a sex toy, alone or in pairs, during pregnancy. We tell you more about it here!
  5. More active blood circulation can cause the vagina to swell. This is not visible, but results in heightened sensations during the act. An aspect that makes sex even more enjoyable!
  6. Even if you have a high sex drive, it is normal for it to drop towards the end of your pregnancy. Usually, this is because women feel less attractive with their baby bump.
  7. Your breasts may give milk prematurely due to sexual stimulation. Tell your man, he might be surprised!
  8. Some men are less inclined to have sex when their wives are pregnant. They are often afraid of harming the baby… Yet he risks absolutely nothing. Do not hesitate to discuss it.
  9. After an orgasm, your baby may not move for a while. This is due to small contractions in the uterus, but it is safe.
  10. No position is contraindicated if your pregnancy is not at risk. However, a minimum of logic remains in order: do not put yourself and your baby in unnecessary danger by performing acrobatics …

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