Sex: what worries men

1. He is afraid that he will not be able to control his erection

The feeling of control over a penis for a man is tantamount to a feeling of power. At least, the environment, advertising of means for potency and worldly wisdom convince him of this. But in the end, this attitude becomes one of the main causes of stress and low self-esteem. The mere thought that he will not be able to demonstrate his strength to his beloved woman can lead to loss of erection. This fear very often leads to problems with potency in men: failure leads to anxiety, and anxiety gives rise to self-doubt.

What to do?

Stress is the main enemy of an erection. Make your partner feel comfortable during sex. Do not judge his “endurance”, do not make jokes on this topic. Tip for Men: Try special relaxation practices. Meditation, yoga, abdominal breathing – all of these will help reduce stress and better control your body.

2. He is afraid of comparison with others

“My ex did it better” is a phrase almost every man is afraid to hear. Although most often no one pronounces it in this form, a hint of inconsistency with a bar set by someone can drive men crazy. At consultations, many say that they would like a partner with little experience, just so as not to be tormented by doubts and suspicions.

What to do?

Do not criticize what your partner is doing, much less ridicule him and do not use your experience as an example. If you still want to change something, say in the form of wishes: “You know, I would be very pleased if you …” Do not forget to praise your partner when he manages to please you (but be honest, do not flatter) …

3. He is afraid that he will not be ready for the second time.

After orgasm, a man begins a period of discharge: the scrotum relaxes, the testicles go down, and sexual desire is dulled for a while due to the release of pleasure hormones. The time it takes to recover is different for everyone – it can be a couple of minutes or several hours. Moreover, this time only grows with age. These are natural physiological processes, but some men require themselves to be constantly ready for new exploits.

What to do?

Men – first of all, to realize that there are other ways to prolong pleasure. Try slow sex, take breaks, change positions and ways of stimulation. So you will not only give your partner more pleasure, but also give yourself access to new, vivid sensations.

4. He is afraid to admit that he does not know how to please you

Many men come to consultations with complaints that they cannot satisfy their partner. They are depressed, doubt their attractiveness, ask for a drug that will magically give them the ability to bring any woman to orgasm. But in the course of the conversation, it turns out that they never asked their partner about what kind of affection she likes, and their knowledge about the vagina extends no further than a couple of articles about the “G-spot” in popular magazines. They are sure that a real man should be able to bring a woman to ecstasy anyway, and to ask is humiliating.

What to do?

When we first get behind the wheel of a car, we get used to it for a long time, adjust to its dimensions, learn to press the pedals smoothly and naturally, before we feel confident and at ease on the road. In sex, we also cannot be skillful from the first movements. Only by examining the body of another, we understand how it works, to what and how it responds.

5. He is (still) worried about the size of his penis.

Many men are still convinced that a woman’s pleasure depends on how deeply you are able to penetrate her. Urologists note that among men who surgically enlarge their penis, there are many bodybuilders. Against the background of large muscles, their “main organ” seems just tiny.

First, however, the size of the penis at rest does not tell anything about the size of the penis when erect. Secondly, with a vaginal depth of 12 cm at rest, a penis length of 12.5 cm is sufficient. If that doesn’t sound convincing, keep this in mind: 60% of Indians have an average of 2.4cm less penis length, according to research by condom manufacturers.

What to do?

Men should focus on what determines their partner’s pleasure. Only 30% of women have vaginal orgasms. This means that for 70% it does not matter at all what shape, length and thickness your penis is. But as for the clitoris, here the field for experimentation is really immense for those who are determined to explore it.


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