Sexy Shy’m in a bikini and curly hair: she sets the canvas on fire!

This summer, Shy’m decided to take a sunny break (well deserved, after these last difficult months confined!). And the least we can say is that the singer is making the most of it, according to her latest posts on Instagram! Followed by more than 826,000 subscribers on the famous social network, the one that does not like fixed ideas and copy and paste has shown off several times in summer outfits very sexy, always letting appear her sublime hair and her tanned complexion that makes you envy. From the leopard cyclist associated with the “double bun” hair look, through plunging necklines and curly hair, or more recently (yesterday, Monday August 10) again, sexy devil in mini orange bikini (perfect for bringing out your tan) and an ultra-voluminous mane. A cliché that did not fail to react to his many fans: “Radiant”, “Magnificent”, “A real mermaid”, “Beautiful” can we read among the comments, under the publication in question.

Shy’m reveals her ultra-feminine curves and natural curly hair: how to take care of it in summer?

High neckline, ultra-feminine silhouette, devastating smile, voluminous and curly hair … Shy’m turn up the heat with her latest so sexy shot, captured in the open sea. If you have the same hair texture as the performer of Woman of color and you don’t know how to take care of it during the summer, here are some tips! First, it should be absolutely protect your hair UV rays (as you probably already do for your skin) using a protective hair spray. We don’t forget either protective hat (especially if you expose yourself to the sun during the afternoon). Finally, pamper your mane even more by regularly performing moisturizing masks and / or oil baths (based on coconut oil, avocado, argan…). It’s your turn !




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