shadows that can replace the base

One alternative to an eye primer is eyeshadow. Which ones will cope with his tasks? Make-up artist tells

As a basis for eye makeup, cream shadows are usually used – natural shades, bright and even black. Let’s talk about each of the methods in more detail.

  • The easiest way to replace your eye foundation is to use light, creamy eyeshadow in natural shades. They can be, for example, pink or have a skin tone: lighter or, conversely, darker – for those who have a drooping eyelid.

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  • You can also use creamy eyeshadows in bright shades. They, firstly, will serve as a “substrate”: do not allow dry shadows, which are applied in a second layer, to crumble, enhance their color and make transitions between shades as natural as possible. Secondly, they can be applied as an additional color, which will “show through” under a layer of dry shadows and give a feeling of density and “bulk” of the makeup. Apply creamy eyeshadows in bright shades to the entire moving eyelid and blend well. Then start using dry eyeshadow.

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  • To create smoky ice, cream shades of dark shades – gray, brown or black are applied as a base. They also serve as a “substrate” for pigment, glitter or dry shadows of a lighter or shinier shade.

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