Shiatsu: 5 good reasons to adopt this wellness massage

Do you know shiatsu? This treatment (which comes straight from Japan) means “pressure with the fingers”. Its goal is to balance the energies of the body by following the acupuncture meridians defined by traditional Chinese medicine … Discover 5 good reasons to test:

Shiatsu is (really) good

Recognized as official medicine in Japan, the shiatsu is considered a “complementary therapy” in 8 European countries. If there are contraindications (phlebitis and high fevers in particular), it is a health care that brings real well-being. Moreover, many French health professionals are now trained in shiatsu – midwives, for example.

Shiatsu (also) heals the mind

If shiatsu is effective against most minor ailments (muscle pain, joint pain …), this Japanese treatment also helps heal the mind. Emotions are processed according to the correspondences of traditional Chinese medicine – the liver, for example, is linked to anger. Thus, we can do a shiatsu session in case of depression, depression, sadness, bereavement, sleep disorders …

Shiatsu is for everyone

Shiatsu accompanies everyone, from birth to the end of life. During pregnancy, the shiatsu practitioner “connects” the energies of mother and baby, relieves minor inconveniences (sciatica, nausea, etc.), accompanies childbirth … And from birth, the baby can benefit from shiatsu sessions to reduce digestive disorders, colic, nightmares, bedwetting, stress …

Shiatsu is also a preventive treatment

In Asia, shiatsu is above all a preventive medicine. At each change of season, we “set the record straight” on the energy level in order to avoid certain health concerns – colds, gastro, seasonal depression … Moreover, because shiatsu allows a reconnection of the body. mind, it helps us to become aware of our body’s reactions to better anticipate disturbances. A philosophy to adopt.

Shiatsu, it (even) allows you to lose weight

Shiatsu helps athletes to boost their performance, young mothers to better live the first months of their baby, working girls to fight against stress … and even to lose weight! Everything is played out at the level of the spleen-stomach meridian: the shiatsu practitioner works on the underlying reasons for weight gain to promote slimming.

Thanks to Valérie Capel, shiatsu practitioner, do-in trainer and author of Do-In: the key points 100% vitality (éd. Leduc.S)

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