Shopping: 20 mini cosmetics to take everywhere (ideal for going on vacation!)

To save space in your suitcase and lighten it, nothing could be more practical than opting for the mini version of your favorite cosmetics. Available from a multitude of brands, mini cosmetics are diverse and numerous: shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, face / body cream, toothpaste, deodorant, makeup remover, make-up …

Mini cosmetics: why opt for these formats for the holidays?

You have planned to travel by plane soon, but something is disrupting the organization of your hand luggage. Knowing that liquids must be transported in a container of up to 100 ml (the total capacity of the kit being one liter), it is difficult to take your favorite beauty products with you. This is the reason why we appreciate so much mini cosmetics. In addition to lightening your luggage and saving you space, they are compliant with regulations established in most airports.

More practical than 100 ml containers?

Some women prefer to opt for a second option, also practical, but less interesting: it consists in pouring a certain quantity of a full size product (= normal size) in small plastic containers of 100 ml (or less), in order to ” have their favorite products to hand when traveling. Easy and practical, of course. However, this technique is not possible with all beauty products, in particular dry shampoo, frozen coconut oil or even shaving foam. Fortunately, this type of product exists in miniature version: hence the advantage of opting directly for travel size cosmetics.

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