Short Winter 2020 Haircut Trends

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Short Winter 2020 Haircut Trends | Beautiful Haircuts Transformations

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  1. i need their vitamin, wanna make my hair lively, fluffy, bouncy straight hair. i cant find a good salon in my neighbors tf 😭😓

  2. Genevieve Umipig on

    Wow I really love the hairstyles and the way the stylist do the cutting of the hair,Hi I&39;m from the Philippines!!!

  3. Italiana Italia on

    Wow what a great video. Where is that salon located? I would love to find a hairstylist like them. Any advice from anyone where I can find a hairstylist that can guide me to a hairstyle that fits me?

  4. Big trend = stay away by iphone + facebook +twitter! You get addicted dumb & slave of technollogy electronically toys ! Get awake or stay stooopeth ?

  5. Shawn Elizabeth on

    Can you make a real video, no one walks around with their hair in their face, same haircut over and over

  6. ProudKansan08 on

    Does anyone know where this salon is located?
    OOOOHHH and what in the world is going on when you get to 7:29????? YIKES!!! That looks like something you SHOULD NOT DO because OMG!! The growing out will be horrible and with long hair, take forever and what was the purpose of it, because they never showed why they did it and what the hair would look like after doing that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jennifer Joom kenny on

    They’ve to pay me to do that to my hair every times because it’s not cost effective and not efficient. It’s doesn’t suits rounded shapes faces. It’s looks a bit LEGO hairstyle.

    Those females hair are easy to managed and coloured.

  8. Question: why can’t you do an amazing hairdo/hair style/hair color on a chubby, unattractive, girl? Why do they all have beautiful, healthy, full hair and perfect bone structure and flawless skin? Do a real woman’s hair, please!!

  9. That blonde lady you added extensions on doesn’t look real. Almost like a robot. It gave me the heebie jeebies.

  10. I wonder if plus size ladies can rock this..i want a short hair but im to scared of looking bad and bigger than ever

  11. rocky mountain lass on

    5:21-how many gals in the REAL world can be in their hair constantly and actually DO anything. Fussing constantly with your hair is NOT real life, too many of us have lives to be lived

  12. Woah, wait a minute… At 7:30, if you cut hair that close to the scalp, when it grows out a little, it’s going to stick straight out for a little while. Definitely don’t understand that one.

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