Shorts trend of the season: what to wear shorts with all year round?

Shorts were in the spring-summer collections for 2021 in almost all fashion brands. This is not surprising, it is difficult to imagine summer without shorts, but there were many ideas on how to style shorts not only with T-shirts, but also jackets. Shorts as part of a suit are a trend.

Shorts in fall-winter collections from brands: Todd Snyder, Duckie Brown, Acne Studios, John Elliott + Co, Takahiromiyashita The Soloist, White Mountaineering, Lazoschmidl, Vetements, Comme des Garçons Shirt, Bode, Jacquemus. Therefore, now shorts can be worn not only in the summer, the main thing is to carefully think over the image. Today we will see examples from men’s collections.

Denim shorts

Denim shorts are a classic. Hole jeans and shorts are back in fashion. Models with a raw edge and scuffs are relevant. What can I wear with denim shorts? Wear them with vests, they come in fashion, T-shirts and vertical stripe shirts. Mattress print is the trend of the season.


Short shorts are an option for the most daring, in a sporty look with a panama hat, high socks, a voluminous sweatshirt or a hoodie, they look harmonious.

Fashionable men's shorts


The suit runs through the women’s and men’s collections as a red line. Suits with knitted shorts are no exception. Shorts and a sweatshirt with a tie-dye print in pastel colors look interesting. Chunky sneakers are being replaced by sneakers, be sure to get these inexpensive shoes for the summer.

Shorts trend of the season

Shorts in total bows

Shorts can be part of an ensemble in one color or color scheme. Kimono jackets and light summer coats are in fashion, with such a pair of shorts they will look unusual, but understandable. For example, gray shorts, gray summer coat, white T-shirt, high socks, and white sneakers.

Looks with shorts

Below the knee options

Nickelson Wooster is a fashion consultant and adherent of shorts as a wardrobe item. He does not care that shorts can visually cut the figure, shorten the legs. He simply creates endless looks with unusual cuts, showing his uniqueness and stylish genius.

Shorts for men

Knee Shorts

Overalls and men’s rompers are in fashion; they can become a stylish addition to a summer wardrobe. In summer, pastel colors will be relevant, blue shorts, as part of a business suit, can be relevant with a lax dress code in the office.

Shorts for men


The top model is bermuda shorts. They look like cropped wide leg pants. To make the image look harmonious with such shorts, it is better to wear them in a pair of a voluminous shirt or windbreaker. Slip-ons are back in fashion; in summer, flip-flops and sandals that can be worn with socks are in fashion.

Shorts trend of the season: what to wear shorts with all year round?

Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts in men’s wardrobe are more of a joke than a call to purchase. Although cycling shorts are not invented, they are simply trying to move from a tracksuit to everyday bows, which so far causes a feeling of controversial controversy.

Men's cycling shorts

Faux Shorts

There are also options for playing shorts. Several designers offer jeans with two-color leg dyed or combined leather and denim trousers to visually create a shorts effect.

Shorts over leggings

One of the options for how you can wear shorts in spring and autumn is to wear them over leggings or skinny pants. In summer, you can play with flowers, but in autumn and spring it is better if the two wardrobe items match in color. The trend is complex, but even in the children’s collection ZARA there were shorts with leggings.

How to wear shorts
How to wear shorts

Shorts in the spring-summer 2021 collections

Boss Hugo Boss

Visually, the Boss Hugo Boss shorts look simple. But the brand’s designers suggest wearing shorts in total bows, all elements of the suit should be made in the same range. The trend of the men’s wardrobe season is a sleeveless jacket, combine sleeveless tops with shorts. Please note that sandals with socks do not hurt your eyes.


Shorts from Balmain are denim skinny at the knee and look like part of the trend for single-color looks. Men’s raincoats and coats, a denim trench coat with shorts are in trend – an understandable design solution. For every day, it is convenient to wear such shorts with a voluminous white shirt or T-shirt.

Shorts by Balmain

Dior Men

If you know what sandboxes are, then suits with shorts from Dior Men will resemble them. All designers offer men to buy bags and the weirder, the better, but Dior Men for the usual backpacks, but shorts can be made of leather.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani Long Bermuda Shorts are a resort option for the evening, especially when paired with a vest that reveals the pumped-up chest.

Fashion Shorts 2021


Iceberg is not original, but suggests wearing shorts as part of a jersey tracksuit with a baseball cap. Why is it worth buying a suit of bright shorts and shirts, because colorful shorts and shirts are in trend. They can be worn together, or you can separate and wear a shirt with jeans, and shorts with plain T-shirts or T-shirts. But try to play with the trend – a suit with shorts.

Fashion Shorts 2021

No. 21

Images from No. 21 is not about shorts, but about what this wardrobe item can be worn with. The most interesting solution is to combine two shirts at once in an image, one buttoned up, and the other open.

Fashion Shorts 2021


Versace pairs bright and black shorts with a rashguard. Images from the brand are complemented by panamas, beads, bright socks, miniature and bulky bags.

Fashion Shorts 2021

As a result, wear wide black shorts with leggings in the spring, like to the gym, but not to the gym. Get a bright suit with shorts, and if you want, “half” and combine shorts and a shirt with other wardrobe items. If shorts, then Bermuda shorts and the same range with other elements of the image are better.

Author: stylist-image maker Elena Khmelevskaya


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