Should a child collect a first aid kit for a summer camp?

It is difficult to find a person who, as a child, did not spend the summer in recreation camps and did not get into trouble there. You will have to remember your adventures, especially those that you would like to forget, when you collect your child on vacation.

The kitting of a first-aid kit for a small tourist should be carried out, focusing on real dangers and probable incidents, and not making a tracing of a first-aid kit for an adult. Instructions for first aid should also be carried out adequately. It is very easy to overload a child’s brain with new useful information and intimidate him with the prospect of all kinds of accidents. The result will stun the adults and peers of our hero, because the minor aibolit will begin to diagnose everyone indiscriminately.

Adults are obliged to find out in advance if there is a recreation center staff where their child, doctor or nurse will spend time. If there are no health workers in the state, it is wiser to refuse such rest.

It will be useful to explain to the child that in case of trouble, you need to immediately contact the first-aid post. However, this does not negate the need to collect a personal first aid kit.

An adult first aid kit will not work for a child, you need to collect a special


Injury in nature cannot be avoided, especially if you are a child. All sorts of abrasions, scratches, and even wounds haunt children. Even if such a nuisance catches up with a disciplined teenager, he will not be able to get to the first aid station without providing himself or a friend with first aid.

It is better to cover the wound with a clean napkin than to rinse it with water from a nearby pond like a puddle, stuff it with “medicinal herbs” or try to bandage it, tearing up your dirty, sweat-soaked clothes. Homemade dressing material is a reliable protection of injured skin and mucous membranes from infection and aggravation of the situation as a result of attempts to independently examine the damage with unwashed hands.

Bandage and cotton wool are not needed in such a case. In addition, they are threatened in the first days of freedom to turn into material for needlework.

  • Flap clean linen fabricCarefully ironed on both sides, it is the ideal dressing for a baby first aid kit.

Do not forget about the sealed waterproof packaging and the format that will allow you to carry this rescue tool in your pocket at all times.

Should a child collect a first aid kit for a summer camp?
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Means for external use

Dressing cloth is, sorry, archaic, but it is much better than the wet wipes popular today. Yes, the latter have antiseptic impregnation and original packaging, but children are already accustomed to using them to wipe their hands. In the absence of the opportunity to throw a disposable napkin in the trash can, the child will either turn his pockets into a warehouse of dirty wet garbage, or begin to harm the environment.

A wet wipe is made from synthetic fibers that take a long time to decompose. Its impregnation contains absolutely inedible, but very aromatic substances. Animals often taste an unusual cloth – naturally, their esophagus cannot digest such a “delicacy”.

The classic antiseptic agents used to treat the skin in case of damage will only be put in the child’s backpack by those who want to do high-quality harm to the workers of the children’s camp. Iodine and brilliant green in the skillful hands of young artists will quickly find application, but no one wants to smear an abrasion with them.

  • The only external medicine that can be supplied to a child is panthenol… This spray will effectively relieve irritation from sunburn or mosquito bites and is completely boring as a toy.
If the child takes medications, they must be given to a healthcare professional!
If the child takes medications, they must be given to a healthcare professional!
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As already mentioned, no pills / mixtures / ointments “just in case” should be given to the child. And what to do with the drugs that the baby is forced to take regularly?

  • The best option would be to transfer the medication to the camp health worker, notifying him of the health status of one of the campers and instructions for taking the medication.

An independent teenager with this option may not agree. In this case, care should be taken to ensure that the medicine is in a package that does not look like a toy or sweets.

A complete diet does not include any additional vitamins. If the summer camp workers react positively to an attempt to supply a baby with a similar pharmaceutical preparation, one should suspect this resting place in an insufficiently diverse menu that meets the needs of a growing body. It is not worth sending your baby on vacation to a place where they save on the essentials.

  • In addition to familiarizing the child with safety rules, it is very important to psychologically prepare him for the correct actions in an emergency situation.
Teach your child how to act in an emergency
Teach your child how to act in an emergency
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Unfortunately, many children consider the highest manifestation of heroism to be able to endure pain and the willingness to help a friend without involving adults. Such dubious beliefs are usually accompanied by fear of doctors and reprimands from elders.

  • If this pile of false truths is present, it will be appropriate to suggest that the child first of all get rid of fears that are indecent for an adult. No self-respecting traveler will hide from the expedition doctor.

The simplest first-aid kit described above will help you learn the correct behavior algorithm. It is not intended to provide first aid, but to speed up the road to the first-aid post.


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