Should you apply sunscreen under your protective mask?

Perspiration, heat … With temperatures that keep rising as summer approaches, the wearing a mask may be less pleasant. However, wearing a mask is fundamental to protect yourself, and to protect others from Covid-19. And its port raises new questions: how to make up with a mask? Or which mask to wear to avoid harmful effects on the skin? And finally: should we apply sunscreen underneath? Paula Begoun, founder of the Paula’s Choice brand, answers us.

Wearing a mask: what are the consequences on the skin?

Before talking about Solar cream, it is necessary to take stock of the impact of the mask on the skin. This is because if you only wear it for a few short moments, then it is unlikely to cause a skin reaction. On the other hand, “prolonged use for several hours can cause skin problems such as redness, irritation from sweat and even acne-like rashes “, explains Paula Begoun. Why ? Because the mask can “to choke” the skin, which perspires and cannot breathe normally. In addition, the mask can cause irritation to the cheekbones, the back of the ears and the chin, the places where it can rub.

Wearing a mask: does it protect against UV rays?

“To some extent, yes, but it depends on how opaque the mask is”, explains the expert. “Masks made of thick fabric that do not let sunlight through are excellent sun protection”. Some masks are even made with materials that protect from the sun.

Wearing a mask: should we apply sunscreen underneath?

Even if the mask you have is opaque, Paula Begoun still specifies that you should apply sunscreen. “Putting on and taking off the mask can expose you to the sun”. For her, sun protection is fundamental to ensure the longest possible health and youthful skin. “You can even reapply it when you have finished wearing your mask, because its contact with your skin creates a friction which removes some of the sun protection”. Thus, you are well protected against harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, which are mainly skin aging, the appearance of brown spots, or more serious skin diseases such as cancer. You know everything !

Thanks to Paula Begoun, founder of the Paula’s Choice brand for her advice.

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