Should you drink potato juice?

Potato juice is definitely not a full-fledged medicine, but as an auxiliary, and most importantly, an affordable remedy, it is popular in folk medicine.

Juice is often recommended as a prevention of stomach ulcers. But here it is not the composition of nutrients that plays a role, but the consistency of the juice – viscous, stringy, “starched”, it well envelops the walls of the stomach and intestines, protecting them from irritation. Here pumpkin juice works the same way, and, for example, regular jelly.

Due to the high amount of fiber and vitamins A, B and C, potato juice lowers blood cholesterol levels.

However, one must remember:

  • there is “bad” and “good” cholesterol, but potatoes cannot distinguish between them;
  • residents of the northern regions, where there is little sun, cholesterol is more useful than harmful.

There is nothing supernatural in potato juice. Various vitamins (C, K, E, B), carotene, iron, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc. Also, juice is a weak antioxidant.

The healing properties of potatoes are traced back to all sorts of ancestors (funny that even Slavic ones!), And even more often they mention the Indians of South and North America, who treated a lot with potatoes.

However, I doubt that at that time anyone risked wasting precious food on juice. The area was full of less nutritious herbs suitable for decoctions and compresses. Again, pay attention: the potatoes of the Indians did not save, almost all of them died out.

With heartburn, it is advised to drink 200 ml of juice on an empty stomach in the morning, lie down for half an hour and then have breakfast. Traditional medicine recommends repeating the method three times for 10 days, but personally, I would advise you to go to the doctor if your heartburn persists for several days in a row.

The list of diseases that can be cured with potatoes is huge, according to the Internet. But here is just the case when you do not need to believe. It is definitely not worth treating diabetes, migraine, pancreatitis, urolithiasis with juice.

Surprisingly, in one article I first met a recommendation to drink potato juice with pancreatitis, and then an indication that you should not drink it with this disease.

Now one more important note about potatoes. It is impossible to get a guarantee that the purchased tubers are chemically pure and environmentally friendly. At the same time, potatoes “like” to absorb chemicals. So they also enter the body along with the juice.

Should you drink potato juice?
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Potato juice will be harmful for people with low stomach acidity and / or increased gas production in the intestines.

Three medium potatoes will yield approximately 150-200 ml of juice. The potato juice itself tastes unpleasant, so it is usually mixed with the juices of other vegetables – carrots, celery, pumpkin. You cannot salt or pepper the juice.

Not all potatoes are suitable for the role of raw materials for juice. Sprouted, frozen, greenish or overly soft potatoes are not recommended. And the best candidate would be pink potatoes.

Of course, you can’t squeeze the potatoes with your hand, even though the tubers are 80% water. To make juice, potatoes were usually grated on a fine grater, folded into cheesecloth and squeezed. Today they just cut it into small pieces and put it in a juicer.

Like all natural freshly squeezed juices, potato juice should be drunk almost immediately. In a few minutes, beneficial substances break down into their constituent parts. Simply put, the juice goes bad. However, you should not drink juice immediately after pressing: you need to let the starch settle to the bottom. And then immediately have a drink, as the hero of the story “Moscow – Petushki” commanded.

In modern folk medicine, a simple trick is often used. Before starting the course of treatment with potato juice, it is recommended to give up meat, fish, sweet, spicy and salty foods, replacing them with fruits and vegetables. Of course, in such conditions it will already be difficult to separate the influence of the juice from the complex diet.

Should you drink potato juice?

It is better to drink potato juice through a straw. dentists note that liquid potatoes can harm the enamel of the teeth.

So to drink or not drink potato juice in order to improve your health?

How much it is necessary to prepare exactly the juice from potatoes, everyone decides for himself. Boiling potatoes (peeled or “in their jacket”) preserves almost all the nutrients of this vegetable. Only boil potatoes in a little water. It is into it that useful substances “escape”. It is more convenient to eat potatoes, rather than drink them.

Should you drink potato juice?
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  • So, there are no miraculous healing properties in potato juice, and the set of vitamins is quite standard for most vegetables and fruits.
  • The taste of the substance is far from pleasant (imagine drinking damp wet earth).
  • As a coating agent, potato juice is easily replaced with a much more delicious jelly.

So the fuss with the transfer of potatoes to a liquid state, in my opinion, does not justify itself. To consider potato juice a full-fledged medicine is a big mistake.



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