Should you match your hand varnish to that of the feet?

“With the varnish, we can do what we want “, notes Alexandra Falba, expert manicurist of the OPI brand You can quite put the same lacquer on the hands and feet without making a major misstep, but it remains a little classic. In mismatching colors, you have the possibility of associating certain colors, create a very trendy effect.

Nail polish: what color combinations to make?

If you choose not to match your hand polish and feet, two options available to you. The first is what the specialist calls the technique of “monochrome”, that is to say, “stay in a fairly close range of colors “. “If the toenails are varnished with a coral color, for example, opt for a red-orange varnish, a slightly pastel mango or a color quite close to orange for the fingernails “, advises our expert.
“It always has to be colors which are relatives each other”, explains Alexandra Falba. So the key to a successful combination is to avoid wearing cold colours with colors hot.
The other possibility is to slice completely by radically changing the color palette on the hands and feet. “The only nuance that really makes a difference and goes with everything is the blanc”, explains the professional. It is worn for example with black for a “very marked contrast”, or with cooler colors like pink or orange, ideal for summer.

Nail polish: summer trends

Whether uni or mismatched, to be in the trend, the varnish can be worn electric or pastel. “Klein blue is very fashionable at the moment, it suits all looks ”, explique Alexandra Falba. “We can put it on the fingernails and opt for a softer blue on the feet for example”.
You can also play with the pastel tones. Those are soft colors with which there are many very beautiful combinations to achieve. Having the same intensity, “you can combine them easily “. Lavender, pale green, very light pink … You have the choice!

Nail polish: how to apply it correctly on the hands and feet?

Once the shade (s) have been chosen, remain at apply your varnish well, on your hands but also on your feet. First, tackle your feet, so as not to damage your hand varnish while taking care of your pedicure. Applying varnish to toenails should ideally only be done after taking care of push back cuticles and file your nails. This will allow the varnish to hold longer, and the result of being perfect. To prevent your nails from getting too close to each other, you can use a foam toe spreader. Apply a thin base coat, then two coats of colored polish, and finally a layer of top coat.
Regarding the manicure, it is a question of reproducing somewhat the ritual performed on the toenails. Indeed, a beautiful nail polish holds much better on clean, healthy nails. Once the nails are ready, you can move on to base application : its role is to allow the varnish to hold for a long time, but also to prevent the nail from turning yellow. After two thin coats of colored lacquer, a top coat is required. Result: the nails are shiny and the color will last longer. You know everything !

Thanks to Alexandra Falba, OPI manicurist expert, for her advice.

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