Shy’m canon, she dares an ultra-original and easy hairstyle

Followed by 821,000 subscribers on Instagram, Shy’m is very present on the famous social network. She often posts pictures on which she exhibits her various hair looks : the interpreter of So what is indeed a big wig fan and do not appreciate the banality! Flamboyant red, platinum blonde, pink, tie and dye: you will understand, the young artist from Trappes is a real chameleon. Last month, she even displayed a totally original hairstyle: the brunette beauty tried box braids, super voluminous and glamorous African braids. More recently still, Shy’m posted a brand new photo on the Web, on which she appears with a hairstyle once again very original, straight from the 1990s. His fans have been numerous to react to the publication in question (which exceeds 10,000 “likes”)!

Shy’m adopts the double bun: a hairstyle that has everything for this summer!

Double bun (= in French, “double bun”), kézako? The principle of this hairstyle as adorable as it is trendy is to make two small buns on each side of the head. The famous singer Ariana Grande has also presented this 90’s hairstyle up to date by appearing many times with it. Today a lot of stars are totally addicted to this hair look reminiscent of childhood or adolescence, including Shy’m, obviously! Easy to wear and to achieve, the double bun is an ideal hairstyle, especially for those days when you wake up with hair that is impossible to tame. Plus, it pairs well with all hair colors and textures. A hairdressing “youthful” which has everything good and perfect for the summer! What do you think ?


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