Shy’m changes her hairstyle again and displays a pretty selfie version

Shy’m dares original hairstyles and haircuts and will have gone through (almost) all stages. Moreover, she proudly shares her hair fads throughout the year on Instagram, with 820,000 subscribers. From flamboyant red, through platinum blonde, pink, or even tie and dye: the interpreter of So what is a real chameleon. She likes to multiply the looks, from the simplest to the most extravagant. Haircut level, the 34-year-old singer has also made a series of changes: from the boyish cut, through the straight bangs, her very long hair, or her long square, then very short … You wonder how artist manages to transform his hair as many times a year? The answer is simple! Shy’m is a real follower of wigs. However, in recent months (since the start of confinement) the brunette beauty has left her passion aside and has repeatedly revealed her real hair: sublime short, voluminous and curly hair (to the delight of her fans, who have appreciated the fact of discovering it naturally). Yesterday, the singer once again surprised her community, with a new Instagram post. Voluminous bun, box braids : Shy’m adopts a totally original look!

Voluminous bun, box braids: Shy’m displays a trendy look

Box braids, kézako? This is a style of protective african braids, particularly appreciated by women with afro hair. Why ? Quite simply because these braids allow them to preserve their hair during regrowth. This hairstyle consists in making braids with three branches, more or less voluminous, on the whole of the hair, very often on the basis of hair additions. A hairstyle that is out of the ordinary and looks great on her! On this shot in question, the artist decided to tie them in order to achieve an ultra voluminous bun (very practical in summer, during periods of high heat). What do you think ?

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Shy’m: she adopts the “no make-up look” and an ultra-original hairstyle for the summer, do you like?

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