Shy’m, long and smooth hair: she adopts the sweep that we see everywhere! (You like ?)

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Followed by 820,000 subscribers on Instagram, Shy’m is very active on the famous social network. She frequently shares pictures on which she multiplies the hair looks: the interpreter of So what is a big fan of wigs and love change! She has already dared flamboyant red, platinum blonde, pink or even tie and dye. Recently, she also revealed herself with a totally unusual hairstyle: the brunette beauty was tempted by box braids, ultra-voluminous and trendy African braids! Even more recently (yesterday, Wednesday July 29), the artist posted a brand new photo on the canvas, with the following caption: “The Profiling team is back from August 20 on TF1”. As you understood, Shy’m will be back on the screens soon, for her role as an actress in the series Profiling, with a very trendy hair look at the moment: a very soft sweep !

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Shy’m: at the forefront of the trend with a soft balayage

More discreet than a classic balayage, the micro-balayage (a very light balayage) fits into the list of the most fashionable hair colors for this summer. A perfect hair look for women looking for a light color gradient ! How? ‘Or’ What ? By bringing a very subtle touch of light to the lengths and ends, for a result that is as natural as possible. “Sunny hair” effect guaranteed! Most ? Micro-balayage is accessible to blondes, but also to women with a much darker base, like Shy’m! Under the cliché in question, his fans were also numerous to react: “I can’t wait to see you on the screens”, “You are breathtaking”, can we read, among the comments. What do you think ?

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