Beautiful sunny days are synonymous with very low-cut outfits and ultra-sexy swimsuit for Shy’m. The 34-year-old singer is indeed enjoying the beautiful summer days under the Cap Ferret sun and has already ignited social networks several times with ever more glamorous shots one another. Recently, for example, she exposed herself with a very tight leopard cyclist and an adorable hair look (the double bun). She also offered a bird’s eye view of her cleavage through a trendy selfie with her curly hair. More recently (yesterday, Thursday August 6), brunette beauty turned it up on Instagram with a snapshot of the sexiest … “Sublime”, “What a woman”, “Splendid” can we read among the comments, under this shot “liked” more than 56,000 times!

Shy’m visible chest and natural wet look: her latest shot is scaring the web !

Transparent white swimsuit, highlighted chest, ultra feminine silhouette, ultra bright smile, wet hair… Shy’m panics the web with his latest very sexy shot, taken out of the swimming pool: 100% natural wet look effect guaranteed! “Wet look”, kézako? This term means “wet effect” in French: it’s a hairstyle trend that has the wind in its sails since a while. The principle ? Place your lengths back using a gel or hair wax on damp hair, in order to freeze this “wet” aspect, as if you had just come out of the pool or the sea. Here, the wet Shy’m’s look is 100% natural! A hairstyle appreciated for its very sophisticated appearance, ideal for special occasions or evenings and for its very simple realization. What do you think ?

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Nature barefoot painting 🦦

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Shy’m, long and smooth hair: she adopts the sweep that we see everywhere! (You like ?)

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