Simply shine: 5 salon treatments for a glossy hair shine

This year we did not often manage to get into a beauty salon. But we have perfected our ability to dye our hair, and some have even learned to cut themselves! But still, let’s dream: if the epidemic recedes and the salons start working in full force, what procedure should we use first of all? We asked Renata Ramazanova, a hair stylist from the Keep Looking salon chain, to tell us what new salon treatments for shine have been released by the brands: this is the easiest way to give your curls a luxurious look. Important: procedures based on these funds can be found in a variety of salons, and also – they can be bought in a store and done at home. So in any case with the epidemic: valuable information.

Keratin and collagen care Marcia Teixeira, from 3500 rubles

Suitable for highly curly and weak hair, but should not be confused with keratin straightening. This treatment gives you the right to choose: straighten your hair or, conversely, make the curl more textured. The active ingredient in all Marcia Teixeira formulations is liquid keratin. Keratin is a protein responsible for the density of hair, when it is scarce, the hair becomes thin and loses strength. For Marcia Teixeira products, keratin is obtained as follows: the thick wool of New Zealand sheep grazing in green meadows is sheared, crushed, hydrolyzed and turned into a liquid state. Neither formaldehyde nor its toxic derivatives are used. If you decide to straighten the strands, the composition will be applied to the hair and run through the hair with an iron, but there will be no smells and fumes that occur with regular keratin straightening. To make the hot iron glide through the hair smoothly and quickly, without burning it, its plates are wrapped with a special Teflon tape. It was invented by the founder of the brand, Marcia Texiera. Another of her inventions is protective plastic shells that are worn over the ears.

For whom: for girls with lifeless and dull hair, who are often tangled and split along the entire length.

Shielding, from 2500 rubles

Hair shielding is a medical procedure that nourishes and restores hair from the inside by filling damaged areas with a special composition. It contains only natural ingredients that quickly penetrate the hair structure, forming a protective film on top. The procedure resembles lamination familiar to many, but unlike it, it gives not a glossy, but a more matte, natural shine.

Shielding is of two types: tint and transparent. That is, by signing up for the procedure, in addition to treatment, you can also give your hair a shade. This type of dyeing is safe for the strands, since there are no alkaline compounds in the composition of the product, however, the dye will be quickly washed out of the hair.

For whom: for girls who want to give their hair a healthy, natural shine.

Hair Perfector Elixir Hair Perfection No. 3, Olaplex, 2598 RUB

Hair Perfector Elixir Hair Perfection No. 3, Olaplex, 2598 RUB

Olaplex treatment for shine and hair restoration, from 4500 rubles

Olaplex system products contain an active ingredient that works at the molecular level. This treatment is recommended for girls who constantly use a curling iron, hairdryer and often change their hair color. Olaplex treatment can be done separately to restore damaged hair or as thermal protection and prevention before styling or coloring. The procedure is carried out in 5 stages: washing, applying a restoring composition (it smoothes split hairs), then a composition for shine, a conditioner for protection and an indelible cream to tighten the structure. The huge benefit of Olaplex care is that the brand has a home line. You can take home a special mask that will prolong the effect of the care and keep the shine for at least a month.

For whom: for those who use a hairdryer and curling iron every day and notice the section along the entire length.

Absolute happiness, from 3000 rubles

The Absolute Happiness care, created by the Japanese brand Lebel, is aimed at deeply restoring damaged hair at the molecular level. It not only restores hair, but also cares for the scalp. And everything is serious here: in the process of hair care, as many as 8 serums are applied in stages, which restore, thicken, give elasticity and seal the hair in a protective film. The procedure will take one and a half to two hours, but you will see the effect immediately: the hair is shiny, dense and elastic. If, after leaving, you constantly moisturize the strands and use thermal protection, the shine can be maintained for several months.

For whom: for girls with curly, brittle and dry hair.

Botox for hair, from 3000 rubles

A one-step procedure for the immediate restoration of damaged and weakened hair. The treatment resembles a regular hair wash, but upon completion the master applies botox care to the hair. A special composition with vitamins (E, B3, B5) and ceramides, nutrients and natural oils moisturizes, nourishes and reduces hair electrification. By the way, despite the name, the care has nothing to do with botulinum toxin, the “botox” prefix is ​​present only because of the anti-age effect. It is important to understand that this is not a medical procedure, but a cosmetic one – you should not expect a cumulative effect. The shine and manageability of the hair will last for about a month, after which the session can be repeated.

For whom: for girls with porous and frizzy hair, recommended for colored hair. The procedure is best done a few days after staining, so as not to destroy the pigment.


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