Singer Florence Welch, vintage shop and Pushkin’s poems in a new episode of the Gucci series

We wrote about why everyone urgently needs to watch the Gucci mini-series here (believe me, this will not take much of your time, but you will definitely get aesthetic pleasure). The other day Gucci showed a new, sixth series and no one expected this. The action takes place in a vintage shop in Rome: while the main heroine of the film, who has appeared from episode after episode, is examining antiques, a woman in a wide-brimmed hat appears in the store – she was played by the singer Florence Welch. She has previously appeared in the Gucci fragrance campaign.

It is a pleasure to watch her actions in a mini-film: a mysterious woman writes something in her notebook, and a second later the audience sees that these are lines from poems. Florence Welch does not leave them in her notebook, but mercilessly rips out the sheets and slips them into the pockets of her clothes – there is a certain connection between fashion and poetry. The second part of the film is devoted to trying on clothes – you will not only be able to take a good look at Gucci clothes, but also enjoy the composition “They Beat Zorya” sounding for the background, written in the style of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin.

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