Six male speculations about what gives a woman sexual pleasure

Misconception 1

If the man has a large enough penis / strong erection, the woman is able to have a vaginal orgasm.

Truth. Only 15% of women can achieve orgasm only through vaginal penetration. And even those who experience a vaginal orgasm are capable of it thanks to active foreplay and stimulation of all erogenous zones, the most important of which is the clitoris. It is this part of the woman’s body, not the vagina, that most sensitively responds to caresses and leads to orgasm.

Misconception 2

If a man’s erection lasts for hours, it will give the woman special pleasure.

Truth. Contrary to what pornographic images convince men, this is not the case. If at first the frictions give pleasant sensations, then with prolonged stimulation of the vagina, the woman gradually loses the natural secretion of the genital organs, and due to a lack of moisture, the further process may be uncomfortable. The most optimal time for intercourse is eight minutes.

Misconception 3

Rapid and active stimulation of the clitoris will lead to orgasm.

Truth. It is important for women first of all to awaken the imagination, not the body. For this, flirting, conversations, gentle touches are important to them. Then many need a stage of body arousal, when they are naked and enjoy the caresses and kisses of a partner. And only after a while they are able to experience the pleasure of stimulating the clitoris.

What should be the partner’s touches – circular, light touches or slightly more active pressure – depends on the individual characteristics of the woman, who may feel the need for different types of stimulation during intercourse. Perhaps the partner really likes the intense stimulation of the clitoris (often before orgasm), but the man has only one way to know for sure – to hear it from her.

Misconception 4

Women are frustrated by the premature ejaculation of men.

Truth. A woman is disappointed not by her partner’s quick orgasm, but by his attitude. Often this upsets the man so much that he withdraws from further sexual contact, forgetting that there are other ways to please his partner. If he continued to stay in touch emotionally and physically, then the rapid loss of an erection would not play a big role for a woman.

Misconception 5

Good lovers know how to please a woman without asking her about it.

Truth. Everything is exactly the opposite. Excellent lovers are exactly those who are interested in what kind of caresses give a woman the greatest pleasure. The sensitivity and responsiveness of the genitals to stimulation depends on the cycle, time of day, health and mood of the woman.

A man will not be able to find out for himself how exactly his new partner is able to receive pleasure, and no, even very rich experience is not an assistant to him. Only the ability of a woman to speak openly about her preferences is the key to harmonious sexual relations.

Misconception 6

Most women love anal sex, they just haven’t tried it and therefore don’t know about it.

Truth. This type of sex is loved by about 2%. Women know for sure whether they want it or not.


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