Six neo loners to slip through your fingers

In the wake of the neo brass knuckle-style architectural rings, the eternal solitary doubles up to slip between the fingers with delicate audacity.


Boucheron - Serpent Bohème Three Patterns

Serpent Bohème Trois Motifs ring, gold, diamonds, € 13,000, Boucheron. Available on

Boucheron / press photo

Traditionally available as a generous choker or XXL ring, the subtle design of the Serpent Bohème has recently taken hold of the contours of the hand. A modern and symbolic version of the house’s first figurative snake, designed in 1968, thought to entwine the ring finger in a poisonous trio with a textured and minimal moult.


Chanel - Camellia Ring

Camélia ring, gold, diamonds, Chanel Joaillerie. Available on

Chanel / press photo

Mademoiselle Chanel’s favorite flower, the camellia remains the essential symbol of 31 rue Cambon. Available in tweed, wool or taffeta, from ready-to-wear to haute couture and even high jewelry, this season has adopted a precious shape calibrated for everyday use. Alongside another three-finger version, this model is adorned with two flower buds as a neo solitaire. An irresistible duo that has risen to the rank of must-have design on edge.


Dior - Celestial Rose Ring

Dior Céleste ring in yellow gold and diamonds, Dior Joaillerie, price on request. Information on

Dior / press photo

Launched in 2015, the Rose des Vents collection is available in a more esoteric version at the heart of this sister line, Rose Céleste. Second skin talismans dear to the sweet superstitions of Monsieur Dior and cleverly taken up by Victoire de Castellane. The result ? A Mimi Dior solitaire complemented by a solar companion with immaculate mother-of-pearl. All you need to do is add your personal meanings to it.


Repossi - Ring Set on Vacuum

Serti sur Vide ring, gold, diamonds, price on request, Repossi. Available on

Repossi / photo presse

It was the founder’s granddaughter, Gaia Repossi, who took the reins of the artistic direction in 2007 and since then has energized the traditional Place Vendôme with her designs inspired by her career as an architect. Like its Serti Sur Vide collection revealed in 2014, where the diamond is placed delicately on the skin between two fingers, stripped of a setting now thought of as a simple support. A slightly offbeat effect gives this neo solitaire a resolutely contemporary and avant-garde allure that has conquered the high jewelry sphere.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels - Frivole Ring

Entre les Doigts Frivole ring, gold, diamonds, € 9,500, Van Cleef & Arpels. Available on VanCleef &

Van Cleef & Arpels / photo presse

Perlée, Alhambra or Frivole, Van Cleef & Arpels offers its line Between the fingers in each of its most iconic collections. Thought like a neo worn with an invisible framework, each of the patterns seems to be just placed between each finger. Obviously, like a spontaneous blossoming, the Frivole line lends itself to this neo worn like no other.


Pomellato - Bague Sand

Sabbia ring, gold, diamonds, € 10,500, Pomellato. Available on

Pomellato / photo presses

Four gold discs sprinkled with round diamonds … Already available as a simple or cocktail ring, adorned with white or brown diamonds, the Sabbia ring by Pomellato is doubling its finery this season. An atoll of islands of fine sand which perpetuates with force the first wish of the founder Pino Rabolini: a precious everyday jewelry.


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