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Learn how Nioxin can help if you are dealing with thin and flat hair. By following our 2-step hairstyle routine, you will get slick back hair style. The NIOXIN Thickening Gel will make your hair stronger hold instantly definite and hold, free from stiffness or stickiness.

Here’s how to use and style your hair:

• Step 1: Apply Thickening Gel to dam hair for definition
• Step 2: Spread gel evenly through hair with comb
• Step 3: Style hair close to head

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NIOXIN is the revolutionary haircare brand aspiring to help everyone embrace a fuller life with thicker, fuller-looking hair. Designed specifically for thinning and fine hair, our treatments address various aspects of hair and scalp condition to encourage the growth of healthy hair.

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Embrace a fuller life with thicker, fuller hair! FullerHairFullerLife .

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